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MobilityWorks Announces Nationwide Leasing Program

We are excited to announce that every MobilityWorks location now offers leasing options on accessible vehicles. Since 1997, MobilityWorks has been dedicated to finding innovative solutions for our clients. Recently, the focus has been on how to provide “accessibility for all”, and adding a nationwide leasing program is one step towards achieving this.


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San Francisco on Wheels – Hannah Soyer

Hannah Soyer Travels to San Francisco

Last month, our friend Hannah Soyer traveled to San Francisco to explore the Bay Area. Hannah is an activist for the community, published author, and Ms. Wheelchair Iowa 2017. You can read about her adventure below, and receive 10% off accessible rentals from MobilityWorks Burlingame, Oakland and San Jose locations, for the entire month of June.

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MobilityWorks is Dedicated to Accessibility for All

At MobilityWorks, passion for our customers drives us to find new ways to ensure our customers can go where they want to go, when they want to get there. By substantially increasing our selection of pre-owned vehicles under $30,000 and adding the opportunity for our customers to lease, we’re able to help more customers connect with what matters most.

Last year, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of MobilityWorks and people whose passion drives them in connection with what matters most. Recently, we lost one of our most passionate, Taylor Clark. Taylor was my business partner, my colleague, and my dear friend. He was caring and gracious, and he always made us smile and feel loved. His accomplishments in his profession are incredible, but are dwarfed by the terrific man that he was to all who knew him. He had so many in his life who loved him, including his wonderful family, and of course, all of us at TransitWorks and MobilityWorks. His dedication to improving the lives of those in need, his empathy and care for others, and his dedication to Accessibility for All, will be greatly missed by our team, and the entire mobility industry.

In his honor, let’s make Accessibility for All a reality.
Bill Koeblitz, Founder and CEO of MobilityWorks.

This year’s edition of InMotion features stories of people who inspire us to be better.


For the Love of Sofie

InMotion 2018

Early on Kristina and Russell Haynes dismissed the “professional opinions” and put all of their faith and trust in
God vowing to fight for their precious gift Sofie. Their youngest of five children Sofie, was born four years ago with Trisomy 13. She has three of the 13th chromosome and has already beaten the odds by surviving past her first birthday.

Blessed with a father, who has the ability to transform a problem into a solution, Sofie utilizes her father’s inventions to aid her development. The “stander” Russell created allows Sofie to be upright for physical therapy. Sofie is unable to stand on her own. Her father’s invention gives her free range of motion with the ability to properly position her in standing position. Russell also invented a suction device that helps prevent her from choking.

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Serving Hope, Support, Empathy and Education

InMotion 2018

On February 12th, 1998, Ann Boriskie was on her way to the dentist when she was involved in a car accident. At the time of the accident she showed no signs of injury. However, not long after the accident she started having problems and was diagnosed with Post-Concussion Syndrome. They did not offer her help or support, instead told her to wait for her symptoms to disappear on their own.

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