MobilityWorks® Announces Launch of the Accessibility 4 All™ Rear-Entry with FlexFlat™ Conversion by Driverge® Vehicle Innovations: The First Flexible Accessible Vehicle

MobilityWorks®, the nation’s largest retailer of wheelchair accessible vans, is pleased to announce the first flexible wheelchair accessible vehicle: the Accessibility 4 All™ Rear-Entry with FlexFlat conversion. The Accessibility 4 All™ Rear-Entry with the FlexFlat conversion operates as an accessible van when it’s needed, and as a standard minivan when it’s not.

“We are always on a mission to find the newest innovations in adaptive equipment,” said Chris Paczak, Chief Marketing Officer at MobilityWorks. “This conversion gives us the opportunity to meet the ever-changing needs of busy families while giving them a reliable, flexible way to transport their loved ones.”

The patented FlexFlatconversion allows the wheelchair well to be covered when not in use, leaving a flat surface in the cargo area and has room for non-wheelchair users. Whether taking a loved one to an appointment in the morning or picking kids up from school in the afternoon, the FlexFlat is perfect for both caregivers and passengers. This vehicle provides convenient accommodation for a variety of lifestyles.

For more details about the Accessibility 4 All™ Rear-Entry with FlexFlat Conversion, click here or check out the video below: