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Whether you are in the market for the latest technology, a certified pre-owned or a specific conversion, we offer the largest selection of converted SUVs, mini and full-sized vans and adaptive solutions. At MobilityWorks you will always find the newest innovations in adaptive equipment.

We take pride in providing our customers with crash-tested accessible vehicles converted by BraunAbility and Vantage Mobility. With more than 90 locations across the United States, we have the largest inventory in stock that meet the mobility and financial needs of our customers.

BraunAbility Chrysler with XT conversion

Chrysler Pacifica

When it comes to accessible wheelchair vans, the Vantage Mobility and BraunAbility Chrysler Pacifica has room to accommodate many sizes and types of wheelchairs.
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wheelchair accessible dodge grand caravan

Dodge Grand Caravan

The wheelchair accessible Dodge Grand Caravan features several conversions to meet your unique needs and budget.

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A blue/gray 2023 Honda Odyssey with BraunAbility side entry conversion, with the ramp deployed

Honda Odyssey

The Honda wheelchair accessible van with a Vantage Mobility or BraunAbility features an automatic power in-floor or fold-out conversion.
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VMI Toyota Hybrid with side ramp folded out

Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna offers several different wheelchair accessible van solutions including, side-entry with fold-out and in-floor ramps or rear-entry conversions.
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Red Chevorlet Traverse with left side sliding door open and a wheelchair ramp leading inside

Chevrolet Traverse

Built on the Chevrolet Traverse, the BraunAbility In-Floor XI innovative design.
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White full-size conversion van with a wheelchair lift installed in the left side entryway

Full Size Conversions

Our full-size vans are built on the Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster. They offer different models to suit most every need, from personal use to commercial applications.
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White commercial van with an open passenger seat door and a wheelchair lift leading into the rear doorway

Commercial Vehicles

MobilityWorks Commercial has wheelchair accessible vans, minivans, transport vans, shuttles, and ambulettes that can be built to match your individual specifications.
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Ruby Chrysler wheelchair van with manual ramp and open side door.

Side Entry

The side-entry conversion puts the ramp at the side door of the vehicle, allowing for ease of entry and seating in the middle of the vehicle.
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Rear Entry Ramp Accessible Vehicle

Rear Entry

The rear-entry wheelchair van provides an economically friendly accessible option that takes the worry out parking with the ramp located in the rear of the vehicle.
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Fold Out Ramp Vehicle Conversion

Fold-Out Ramps

A fold-out ramp rests upright along the inside of the closed sliding door and it can easily be deployed over a curb and manually operated if needed.
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In Floor Ramp Vehicle Conversion

In-Floor Ramps

With an in-floor ramp, the ramp is stored in the floor, under the vehicle.  With no ramp in the doorway, passengers not in a wheelchair can easily enter and exit.
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