Be There – Blair Chirdon


When Blair Chirdon was born, the doctors told her parents that she wouldn’t be able to do many things due to being diagnosed with Congenital Cervical Myopathy. It’s a rare birth defect that limits one’s range of motion. One thing they didn’t know was that she was born with more determination than the average person. Now, 27 years later, she is still proving those doctors wrong! Blair currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and family, drives her own car and has a successful career in customer service.

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ADED Can Get You Behind the Wheel

Photo Courtesy of ADED

The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists, also known as ADED, was established 40 years ago to help support professionals working in the field of driver education, training and equipment modifications.  With over 800 driver rehabilitation specialists across the US and Canada, ADED stands ready to meet the professional needs of its members through educational conferences, professional development activities and a professional certification program.

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A “Night to Shine Prom” by The Tim Tebow Foundation

Prom Night Reservations Being Made Now for February 10, 2017 in All 50 States.

Between professional baseball tryouts, broadcasting and his foundation it’s a wonder how Tim Tebow finds time to sleep! The former Florida Gator quarterback is changing lives around the globe and in a few weeks his foundation will host one of their largest events to date. The “Night to Shine Prom” will take place at hundreds of churches in all 50 states simultaneously on February 10, 2017. Night to Shine was started two years ago as a magical evening for anyone over 14 years old with special needs.

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Introducing the Wheelchair Accessible Chrysler Pacifica

Have you heard about the new Chrysler’s Pacifica? Maybe you’ve seen the commercials about the reimagined minivan being “good for your dad brand” or heard about their groundbreaking Uconnect technology.  Over the past few weeks, brand new wheelchair accessible Pacificas have been showing up at MobilityWorks locations throughout the country!

Search Our Chrysler Pacifica Inventory Here!

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Hand Control Spinner Knob with Wireless Connection to Secondary Functions


For some people using hand controls to steer, accelerate and brake, quickly turning on the windshield wipers or using the turn signals can create a challenge. SURE GRIP’s Easyspin RF360 wireless hand control product, now available at any MobilityWorks location, can help people with physical disabilities to operate commonly needed secondary functions while driving their vehicle.

The Easyspin RF360 spinner knob utilizes precise radio frequencies to operate functions of the car wirelessly. This includes being able to do things like turning on the windshield wipers, honking the horn, and operating the turn signals – all without moving your hand off the spinner knob!  The RF360 also allows the user to customize the secondary functions to control aspects such as power windows, cruise control and even the radio.

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