Veterans Mobility Safety Act Passes in Congress

Marine-Vet- iStock_0000230732

Several veteran and mobility related organizations have been working together for months to help get House Bill 3471 passed.  Known as the Veterans Mobility Safety Act, it now only needs President Obama to sign the bill into law which is expected to happen later this month.

The Veterans Mobility Safety Act will require vendors who supply veterans with accessible equipment to demonstrate compliance with quality and safety standards. The money that veterans receive for accessible products comes from the Automobile Adaptive Equipment program (AAE). Organizations such as Paralyzed Veterans of America and NMEDA (National Mobility Equipment Dealer Association) applauded the new regulations.

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Archer’s Challenge: Spend a Day in a Wheelchair

Archer Hadley

Archer Hadley was born prematurely at just 26 weeks old, and after spending the first few months of his life in the ICU, he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Now, 20 years later, Archer is making a huge impact on his community and the accessibility of our country.

The idea for his challenge was sparked one day in high school when without his normal aide, Archer found himself stranded in the rain trying to open a door for almost ten minutes.  The purpose of his challenge was to raise funds for electric doors at his high school. Students, parents and faculty were encouraged to “challenge” someone to spend an entire day in a wheelchair for a $20 donation.

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MobilityWorks Introduces the ScootaTrailer


MobilityWorks is excited to announce that we have a brand new way for our customers to haul their scooters. Weighing only 285 lbs, the ScootaTrailer will allow almost any vehicle to transport a power mobility scooter. The ScootaTrailer can be safely towed with any Class 1 trailer hitch for stress-free hauling with your existing auto, truck or SUV. The easy-to-load ramp makes it an affordable, practical option while also protecting your mobility device from nature’s elements.

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New Online Game for Post-Stroke Mobility Challenges

Mobility Mission

The National Stroke Association provides education and programs to patients, caregivers and the healthcare community.  For over 30 years they have been a trusted and free resource for families and friends of stroke survivors by increasing the awareness of life-saving stroke information. One of the most common myths about strokes is that they cannot be prevented, when actually up to 80% are preventable. The National Stroke Association does everything from publishing newsletters to sponsoring events, and most recently they created a new educational game for their website.

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Infinite Flow’s Fun New Flash Mob Video

The Los Angeles based organization, Infinite Flow, is America’s first professional wheelchair ballroom dance company. Earlier this week the nonprofit organization released a video combining two of the most popular recent internet sensations. It begins with a “mannequin challenge” that transforms into a “flash mob” or choreographed dance. The video was directed and created by Infinite Flow’s founder Marisa Hamamoto. She founded the organization last year with the goal of increasing access to quality dance instruction in an inclusive environment. They have already performed at over 40 events and offer weekly dance classes.

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