The Ultimate Off-Road Wheelchair

Tan Chair - High Res

The RipChair 3.0 may be the most extreme accessible off-road vehicle ever manufactured! Geoff and Michael Howe have a history of building over-the-top modes of transportation. They rose to fame in 2001 with the development of the Ripsaw. This unmanned ground vehicle was purchased by the U.S. Military making them the youngest duo to ever receive a government defense contract. The brothers also designed and manufactured the first unmanned fire truck, which today is used to combat out of control wildfires. From there, the Howes were given a reality television show on the discovery channel, in which they built vehicles and robots straight from their imagination.

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Behind the Scenes Ford Explorer Wheelchair Accessible Conversion


Last year, BraunAbility released the revolutionary Ford Explorer MXV. It is the first accessible SUV on the market with an automatic, in-floor ramp and it has several patent pending features that maximize comfort and convenience. The glide-out door and sliding shifter are two unique features that help make the MXV extremely accessible.

Time-Lapse Video of the BraunAbility MXV Conversion

It takes three days to install all of the accessible features of the Ford Explorer MXV. You can watch the time lapse video of the conversion taking place in just 3 minutes in the video below.

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Meet Ms. Wheelchair America 2017: Eliza McIntosh

Eliza McIntosh
Eliza being crowned Ms Wheelchair America 2017. Photo Credit: Melissa Deible

Last week Eliza McIntosh was officially crowned as Ms. Wheelchair America for 2017. The pageant was founded in 1972 by a Columbus, OH physician Dr. Philip K. Wood. He created the non-profit organization to help promote the achievements of the wheelchair community and to help make America more accessible. Today the pageant is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI and typically has competitors from about 30 states.

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Derek’s Determination

Derek Zike

Seven years ago Derek Zike was playing hockey for the AAA Chicago Fury. He had dreams of playing college hockey, but just three days before his 17th birthday, Derek went head first into the boards, destroying his fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae. Since then, Derek’s dreams have changed, but he continues to chase them relentlessly.

During his 4 month hospital stay after the injury, Derek received an interesting call. It was from the producers of the MTV show “True Life” and they wanted him to be featured on an episode focusing on rehabbing sports injuries. Zike agreed and within a matter of days they were in his room filming. The original episode aired and was so popular that they shot a follow up episode when Derek started college.

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BMW Designs World’s Fastest Wheelchair


With the Paralympic games in Rio right around the corner, the US Track and Field team is excited to show off their new wheels! BMW’s design firm, Designworks, has given the team a serious advantage by providing each of the six members with a custom carbon fiber wheelchair.  The Southern California company is no stranger to Olympic competition. They have designed sensors for long jumpers to measure their form and the bobsleds that brought the USA the gold medal in Sochi.

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