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Meet “Able”: The Future Service Dog

Last fall, you voted and helped us name “Able”, a puppy at Canine Partners for Life. For over 29 years, their organization has placed over 700 service and companion dogs across the country. Able is a sweet yellow Labrador who was born in February and has begun training to become a specialized service animal.

Labrador retrievers make great service dogs due to their loyalty, trainability, and size. They are also extremely adaptable to many different lifestyles. Their steady temperament prepares them to handle obstacles and crisis with a calm demeanor and reliable response.

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Measuring Wheelchairs for Interior Maneuverability, Tie-Downs and Other Securement Devices

Measuring Wheelchairs for Interior Maneuverability, Tie-Downs and Other Securement Devices is a Critical First Step When Selecting or Modifying Handicap Vans

Not all wheelchair vans and tie-down systems are the same or will work properly for every type of wheelchair. Door height, ramp width, interior maneuverability, wheelchair lifts, seating positions inside the van and tie-down locations on the floor all need to be considered when ordering or modifying an existing wheelchair van. A MobilityWorks Certified Mobility Consultant (CMC) can explain these considerations to you and the reason why accurate measurements are necessary for planning your adaptive equipment installation.

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5 Accessible Activities in Boston

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts, and home to approximately 8.2 million people. It’s one of the oldest most historical cities in our country, founded in 1630. It was home to many important sites during the Revolutionary War and has created a unique and bright culture today. Below are 5 fun accessible activities to try during your next trip.

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Using Mobile Apps to Find Accessible Overnight Accommodations

In recent years, overnight vacation house rental mobile apps have become incredibly popular. It gives travelers the opportunity to stay outside of a hotel and provides the accommodations you would have at home. Two of the largest apps that offer overnight rentals are VRBO and Airbnb, and they both offer wheelchair accessible search options.

Airbnb Accessibility

Late last year, Airbnb purchased Accomable, a mobile app designed specifically for finding wheelchair accessible overnight stays. They also brought on Accomable’s CEO Srin Madipalli to lead their ongoing accessibility efforts. One of his first initiatives was to improve and increase the number of accessible accommodations they offer to users.

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Introducing the Accessible Honda Pilot

At MobilityWorks, you will always find the newest innovations in adaptive equipment. We are pleased to announce the arrival of the new Honda Pilot with the VMI Northstar Access 360™ side-entry conversion.

The new Honda Pilot is the industry’s largest SUV and offers exceptional wheelchair maneuverability plus room for the whole family. It’s equipped with practical features you depend on while offering the stylish look and feel of an SUV.

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