Fighting Back: Boxing Class Combats Parkinson’s Disease

Rock Steady Blog

Rock Steady Boxing is empowering people all around the world with Parkinson’s to fight back! Their non-profit organization has over 300 gyms where people living with Parkinson’s can participate in non-contact boxing fitness classes. Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative movement disorder which can cause deterioration of motor skills, balance, speech and sensory function. It is estimated that over a million people in the United States are living with the disease and another 60,000 are diagnosed annually. With over 16,000 active members using their program, Rock Steady is fighting back!

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MobilityWorks of Richmond to Continue Hosting Parent Support Group


Parent Support Group and Resource Exchange

Beginning February 7th, MobilityWorks of Richmond (Virginia) will continue hosting a resource night for parents of children with a physical disability or physical limitations. The support group will run from 5:00-6:30 PM on the first Tuesday of every other month.

The goal of the support group meetings is to provide new information on programs that can be of help to them and their children.  We will also provide the opportunity for parents to exchange ideas and support each other in a typical support group setting.  Guest speakers of non-profit companies will also talk about resources available to parents.

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Google Honors Disability Advocate Ed Roberts

Google Ed Roberts

Have you ever noticed the “Google Doodle” drawing above the search bar that changes almost every day? Sometimes they change it to match the season or holiday, or a major event happening in the world. Today, January 23, the artwork honors world-renowned disability activist Ed Roberts on what would have been his 78th birthday. Referred to as the father of the independent living movement, Mr. Roberts was at the forefront in fighting for the rights of students with disabilities to be able to attend college.

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MobilityWorks of N. Attleboro to Participate in Telethon

MeetingStreet Photo

On January 28th the MobilityWorks team of North Attleboro, MA is excited to participate in the Meeting Street Dial for Dollars Telethon. Meeting Street was founded in 1946 as a place where children of all ages and abilities receive individualized attention for highly trained teachers and therapists.  They work with over 4,000 kids in the New England area by developing their skills and building relationships.

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Be There – Blair Chirdon


When Blair Chirdon was born, the doctors told her parents that she wouldn’t be able to do many things due to being diagnosed with Congenital Cervical Myopathy. It’s a rare birth defect that limits one’s range of motion. One thing they didn’t know was that she was born with more determination than the average person. Now, 27 years later, she is still proving those doctors wrong! Blair currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and family, drives her own car and has a successful career in customer service.

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