Building Lasting Relationships with Our Clients

Image shows Certified Mobility Consultant Craig Harlow

MobilityWorks is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. To celebrate, our team is reflecting on their best moments throughout their time with MobilityWorks. We’re sharing the stories of both our clients and team members, illustrating the impact that MobilityWorks has had on so many lives.

Craig Harlow is a Certified Mobility Consultant at our Allentown, Pennsylvania location and has been with MobilityWorks for over 12 years. Throughout his tenure, he has served the company in a variety of roles, but his passion for service is unceasing.

“My favorite part of working with this company, and it has been since the very beginning, is working with people in wheelchairs and finding solutions that work well for their families as well as them personally…you get to know the families and the children…there’s a lot of personal satisfaction that comes out of what we do,” says Craig.

He continues, “When someone is picking up a vehicle for the first time…there’s so much joy with what they are doing.”

A wheelchair accessible vehicle can open up new and exciting opportunities for a family, and Craig has always enjoyed hearing stories from our clients of how a wheelchair accessible vehicle has changed their lives for the better. His favorite ongoing partnership is with Ms. Wheelchair America.

“We have been their main mobility sponsor since 2017, and I’ve always gone to that show…we offer transportation, but we also do a presentation (at the competition),” he says. “I get to talk to them…I mean, I’m Facebook friends with a lot of them. I only get to see them once a year, but we have a good time together.”

With over 12 years of experience in the mobility industry, Craig has seen several technology improvements and developments come to fruition. Above all, he considers the wide variety of solutions that are now available to be the biggest change.

“It seems like every year, we get feedback from clients that the vehicles are getting better and better. When I first started, every vehicle we sold came with carpet flooring. Now, they have ultra flooring that is so easy to clean and is easier on wheelchairs because it is easier for them to turn in the vehicle.”

The technological improvements that have taken place in the mobility industry would not be possible without the feedback we receive from our clients.

“The industry listens to clients, and they try to make improvements based on that…the vehicles keep getting better, and we’re able to help more people get what they want,” he continued.

As a Certified Mobility Consultant, Craig works with clients directly each and every day, and he spoke about the importance of a strong client relationship when going through the process of purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

“It doesn’t all happen in one day…it takes a little bit of time. You get to know the client on a first-name basis. It’s a relationship that doesn’t really end, and it is a much tighter relationship than you’d see at a typical dealership.”

Craig believes that client satisfaction is of the utmost importance, and another reason he enjoys working with MobilityWorks is our commitment to putting our clients first.

“It’s not just us (the team members) but you see it in our senior leadership…they are all about the client experience. You can see it in our customer service scores. If you’ll give us a shot, I think you’re going to like us.”

Craig Harlow continues to be a valuable asset to our team, and he is committed to providing the top-level client experience that MobilityWorks is known for.

We hope you’re enjoying hearing stories from our team during our 25th anniversary celebration. Click here to read more stories from our team members.