Wheelchair Tie Downs and Securement Systems

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Wheelchair Lock Down Devices and Wheelchair Docking Options

MobilityWorks' consultants work closely with our customers to insure complete satisfaction with their custom-fit wheelchair vans. An important aspect of our service is our commitment to your safety. Wheelchair tie downs are essential when providing safe transportation. We recommend and install any needed restraint equipment for your wheelchair based on your specific situation. We carry a variety of wheelchair securement products, including well-known brands such as AMF Bruns of America and Q'Straint/Sure-Lok.

Tie Downs & Seat Belts

Wheelchair tie downs, lap belts and shoulder belts, are essential for providing safe transportation for wheelchair riders.

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Head & Backrest

head and back support for people in wheelchairs

The FutureSafe and eFutureSafe both lock behind the wheelchair passenger/driver to provide maximum security.

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Retractors are available to accommodate most vehicles and wheelchairs in both automatic and manual forms.

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Docking Systems


MobilityWorks technicians can install both Q'Straint and EZLock docking systems. Both offer secure docking for your wheelchair.

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Measurement Guide

drawing-outlining-accurate-measurements-of wheelchair-for-accurate-placement-of-tiedowns

Selecting the right wheelchair van or chair lift for your needs starts with knowing your particular height and width measurements.

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