eFutureSafe / FutureSafe Head & Backrest Anchorage

AMF-Bruns’ head & backrest anchorage system is available in two models:

  • eFutureSafe (automatic)
  • FutureSafe (manual)

With two quick movements, each system locks behind the wheelchair passenger / driver to provide maximum security.
Features For Both Systems:

  • Allows wheelchair passenger /driver with upper extremity issues to travel safely.
  • Turns inward towards the vehicle wall when the vehicle is without a wheelchair. A single seat can easily be fitted to the empty position.
  • Can withstand 15G rear and 20G frontal collisions.
  • Crash and sled tests clearly show the highest level of safety in a rear impact.
  • Emergency release.
  • Meets all applicable regulations.

eFutureSafe Vs. FutureSafe
The biggest difference between the two systems is that eFutureSafe is automatic. The hand-controlled adjustment power feature provides customized head, back and neck adjustments. Regarding shoulder belts, eFutureSafe is connected to the vehicle’s B-pillar, utilizing the OEM shoulder belt. FutureSafe contains it’s own integrated certified shoulder belt.