New and Pre-Owned Wheelchair Van and Equipment Financing

Contact our Finance Department directly toll free at 1-877-357-0192

Do you need a wheelchair van loan? Are you interested in financing for a MobilityWorks new or used wheelchair van, or a MobilityWorks lease? At MobilityWorks, we work with a variety of lenders who can offer you many financing options. Turn to MobilityWorks for great auto financing at competitive interest rates. We also take trade-ins that can be used as a downpayment on a new vehicle. See our Trade-In Value Request Form.

To learn more about our financing options for new and used accessible minivans models, or just want to contact our finance team, please write to:

Loans for Up to 10 Years! Loans are available for newer vans for up to 10 years. In addition to many other payment plans with favorable rates, we also accept trade-ins of adaptive and non-adaptive vehicles that can be applied as a down payment on your new van.

Financing Process

  • Select a wheelchair van with a MobilityWorks Certified Mobility Consultant.
  • Complete a credit application provided in the link above. If using a co-signer, make sure they complete a co-sponsor credit application.
  • MobilityWorks submits the credit application to the bank or credit union.
  • MobilityWorks negotiates aggressive financing deals with various banks and credit unions in order to deliver you the best financing options. We pride ourselves in working hard to make your vehicle purchase a positive experience.
  • The bank or credit union returns an answer on the approval with a specific interest rate.
  • Sometimes the bank does not approve people immediately but comes back with a way to get approved. For example, the bank may propose that you put an additional $5,000 down in order to gain approval.
  • During the close process, we review the options for both an extended warranty as well as Gap Insurance.

To learn more about our financing options, contact your local MobilityWorks Certified Mobility Consultant – or call our Finance Department directly at 1-877-357-0192.

Quick Credit Application

Obtaining a customized auto loan or lease has never been easier. Just fill out the Quick Credit Application using the link below. Our MobilityWorks finance team will work to get you the lowest rates possible – and with a pay-off period that works comfortably with your individual budget.

Credit Application

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Financial Assistance

MobilityWorks can help finance your handicap accessible van through our internal Finance Department. Additionally, some people may also qualify for financial assistance from one of these resources:

  • The Bureau of Workers Compensation has a reimbursement program for vehicle adaptation when the injury occurred on the job.
  • Veteran’s benefits usually provide for modifications and liability insurance provides for adaptations needed after an accident.
  • Medicare and Medicaid may provide assistance in situations involving children and other unique circumstances.
  • Some individuals qualify for assistance from the vocational rehabilitation program in their state of residence.
  • In addition to funding programs, MobilityWorks provides a variety of financing options for wheelchair vans, including loans with very favorable terms.
  • For military veterans, please see our Veterans Mobility Assistance page for additional information, links to the VA, and other veteran supporting organizations.