AMF-Bruns of America

AMF Bruns Easy Pull winch system pulling wheelchair into back of rear entry van

AMF-Bruns of America is the leader of technology for wheelchair users in the global marketplace, founded in 1958 by Gustav Bruns. Throughout the years since then, the company has created several products that improve the safety and comfort of individuals using wheelchairs inside of vehicles. They were the first to develop a wheelchair anchoring system, to pass various crash tests, to make integrated lap belts and in-floor securement system, and most recently the eFutureSafe Head & Backrest / Seatbelt Anchorage. To read more about the full scope of their accomplishments, visit their website here or watch the video below.

Here we’ve outlined the three options they have for wheelchair securement systems. Their products, including the new Easy Pull system, is now available in all of our locations to offer a safe and reliable way to allow a passenger to get into their vehicle. Click here to find a location near you.

Easy Pull

Wheelchair Secured in back of Vehicle Passenger in Wheelchair with Easy Pull System Wheelchair secured in with Easy Pull waiting to be pulled into van

Their newest innovation, the Easy Pull, is a winch and restrain system that effortlessly pulls a wheelchair and passenger up a ramp and into a vehicle. The restraints are secured down inside of the vehicle and attach to the front of the wheelchair, allowing it to be automatically pulled inside.

PROTEKTOR® Wheelchair Restraints

Since the 70’s, AMF-Bruns has led the development of wheelchair securement systems. They’ve built on their original 4-point system, which was self-locking and self-tensioning for better security. Today this design has advanced into the PROTEKTOR ® system, which provides imperative stability to passengers during the event of a collision. This system has three different series, platinum, silver, and black, which accommodate varying levels of weight.


We can work with you to determine which, if any, of their systems would work best for you and show you how to properly use them. To learn more about their company or their products, please visit their website here.

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