The Game Changer

The story of Billy Don Wheeler is one of resilience and determination. Despite facing several challenges throughout his life, he has always overcome them. Sports have always been a passion for him, and even though he could not participate, he made a significant impact in the sports arena throughout his life. For over 30 years, he sold sporting goods to schools, coached football, and mentored young people.

However, last May, he had to undergo hip replacement surgery, which later got infected and resulted in the amputation of his leg. This was an incredibly difficult and life-changing experience for Billy Don and his wife Rebecca. Prior to the amputation, his wife used to transport him using his electric chair and a lift on the back of a Honda CR-V. They quickly realized they needed something safer and more suitable for their needs.

They came across a social media advertisement for the Driverge® Vehicle Innovations Patriot conversion and decided to visit their local MobilityWorks store in Nashville to see it in action. Upon arriving, they were greeted by Certified Mobility Consultant Chris Bargatze, who recognized Billy Don as his junior pro football coach. Chris’s friendly demeanor and familiarity with Billy Don and his wife put them at ease immediately.

At the store, the Wheelers discussed with Chris their need for a power ramp and thought the Patriot was the perfect option and within their budget. Billy Don’s wife took a test drive and confirmed that it was exactly what they needed and more. They were impressed with the Patriot’s bench seat in the back, which provided ample storage space for their groceries, luggage, and other items. Chris worked with them to ensure they got the color they wanted (Red) and helped them take advantage of the current interest rate promotion on the Patriot.

Since purchasing the Patriot, Billy Don has described it as a “game-changer.” Previously, he was only able to leave the house to go to church, but with the Patriot, he can now go to stores, travel, or wherever they need to go. As soon as they purchased the Patriot, they took a trip to Gatlinburg, TN, and they are excited to travel more this summer with confidence. According to Billy Don, “Now I don’t have to stay home so much. It has been a lifesaver.” The Patriot has given him and his wife a newfound sense of freedom and mobility, allowing them to travel and visit places that they never thought were possible before. They are grateful for the support and guidance they received from MobilityWorks and Chris, who helped them find the perfect vehicle to fit their needs.