Retractor Options for Wheelchair Securement

Wheelchair retractors take up slack in the tie-downs to make sure the passenger in a wheelchair is secured. Retractors are available to accommodate most vehicles and wheelchairs in both automatic and manual forms. Retractors are also available for commercial vans and larger transport vehicles.

What Are Wheelchair Retractors?

Automatic wheelchair retractors are the easiest and most convenient retractors to use. They secure the wheelchair in the event of collision or quick stop and funnel forward forces to the vehicle floor for optimal passenger comfort and safety. A variety of other securement items are used with retractors, including: wheelchair restraints, a lap and shoulder belt, and a track system to anchor the restraints.

L-Track Anchor Systems
L-Track is an extremely important component of a wheelchair (or scooter) securement system. L-Track is a specially designed metal strip of aluminum attached to the floor (or sidewall) of a vehicle for attaching a retractor or tie-down. A 4-point tie-down system requires L-Track to be placed in front of and in back of the wheelchair passenger. In addition to handicap-accessible minivans, L-track can often be seen on buses, commercial transport vans, and other commercial vehicles. Securing a wheelchair is much quicker and simpler with self-tensioning, self-locking automatic retractors. They are highly recommended for elderly care-givers and individuals with hand or arm strength issues that may have a hard time with manual retraction.

Finding the Right Retractor Systems for Your Wheelchair
At MobilityWorks, we are always looking to ensure our customers’ safety as they travel from place to place. Securement and occupant restraint systems need to be properly sized and fitted for your type of wheelchair and vehicle. Our Certified Mobility Consultants will work with you to make sure you receive the right equipment and that it’s properly installed. Be sure to also check out our wheelchair docking system and tie down pages to see more mobility securement options for you!

Please see our wheelchair measurement page for additional information and measurement forms.