woman in wheelchair and close up of wheelchair tie downs

Wheelchair Tie Downs and Seatbelts

MobilityWorks’ consultants work closely with our customers to insure complete satisfaction with their custom-fit wheelchair vans. An important aspect of our service is our commitment to your safety. Wheelchair tie downs and seatbelts are essential for providing safe transportation. We recommend and install any needed restraint equipment for your wheelchair based on your specific situation. We carry a variety of wheelchair securement products, including well-known brands such as AMF Bruns of America and Q’Straint.

Lap Belts and Shoulder Belts – Riding and Driving Solutions for All Wheelchairs

Finding the Right Wheelchair Tie Downs and Seatbelt Systems for Your Wheelchair and Type of Vehicle

At MobilityWorks, we are always looking to ensure our customers’ safety as they travel from place to place. Securement and occupant restraint systems need to be properly sized and fitted for your type of wheelchair and vehicle. Our certified mobility consultants will work with you to make sure you receive the right equipment and that its properly installed. Please see our wheelchair measurement page for additional information and measurement forms.

Learn More About Wheelchair Tie Downs and Wheelchair Transportation

To find out more about the different types of available wheelchair tie downs give us a call at 1-877-275-4907 or use our online Inquiry Form to submit your questions. One of our certified mobility consultants will be able to provide additional information to consider when making additions to a vehicle.

Close up of wheelchair tie downs