EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking Systems

Since 1986, EZ Lock’s Wheelchair Docking System has been the standard of protection and self-reliance for thousands. Its versatile and secure Docking System is as dependable as manual tie-down systems, yet much more convenient. Sophisticated electronic wiring and controls ensure the wheelchair is properly locked in place and easily released with push of a button.

Basics of the EZ Lock System

The BL-6290 base lock is the heart of the EZ LOCK Wheelchair Restraint System. Once the base lock is mounted to the vehicle floor, it acts as receiver for the docking pin attached to the wheelchair, making your entry fully automatic, and minimizing the need for precise maneuvering.

The Wheelchair Bracket

The wheelchair bracket is mounted to the bottom of the chair, allowing it to lock into the BL-6290 docking base. This application also includes the front stabilizer, required for all drivers. The stabilizer is designed to minimize any tipping or side-to-side motion. EZ Lock wheelchair restraints are used for both manual and power wheelchairs, and are suitable for both drivers and passengers.

The ECU-3 Control Panel

The control panel is the main user interface for EZ LOCK Systems. Functions include release, alarm buzzer deactivation for unoccupied use, and an array of warning indicators. A green light signifies that locking jaws are completely closed and the system is safe to use. A yellow light means the locking jaws are not completely closed, and the user should exit, then re-enter base lock. A red light indicates the system has been de-activated, and is for unoccupied use only.

About EZ Lock

Headquartered in Baton Rouge LA, EZ Lock is the recognized leader in the manufacture of crash tested docking systems for wheelchair users. Made of heavy gauge steel construction, relentless crash testing of the EZ Lock system consistently meets and exceeds industry requirements. All part of what makes EZ Lock a true leader in long-lasting durability and security.

Wheelchair Docking Applications

The EZ Lock Docking System can be used with many different types of wheelchairs. Among the most popular are Invacare® Power and Invacare® Manual Wheelchairs, Permobil® Power Wheelchairs, Pride Mobility® Power Wheelchairs and Quickie® Power and Quickie® Manual Wheelchairs.

When talking to a MobilityWorks sales consultant or technician about a wheelchair restraint system, please be prepared to provide the manufacturer and model of the chair, the model or serial number, and any other accessories (i.e. seat modifications, elevating power seats, vent trays, etc.) that might affect installation of the wheelchair brackets. A minimum of a 3 inch clearance beneath the chair is required. In addition, please see our wheelchair measurement page for additional information and measurement forms.