Q’Straint QLK-150 Wheelchair Docking System

The QLK-150 wheelchair docking system is the next step in independent wheelchair securement (also known as powered lockdowns or tie-downs). It is the perfect solution for those looking to drive their own vehicle or want to quickly secure their own wheelchair using a single point system.

When designing the QLK-150 from the ground up, Q’Straint set out to redefine a few things. Freedom, for instance, is not just traveling from one place to another but rather the confidence to do so. Confidence to cross thresholds, to navigate various conditions, to go anywhere. We created the QLK-150 for maximum flexibility in every unique situation.

Superior Wheelchair Docking Technology – Engineered for Reliability

Your Safety in Mind
The QLK-150 continues a tradition of relentless testing and development. A first for docking systems, it is tested in Forward, Rearward and Sideways configuration knowing that every installation is unique. Also a first, the QLK-150 is the first and only docking system to pass the crash test specifications per WC19 standards – the next generation of crash-tested wheelchair designs.

Improve Your Experience
When fractions of an inch make a huge difference, the flush surface gives you more clearance (3/16” – 5mm) for everyday traveling. Interference with casters is significantly reduced thanks to a shortened footprint. And along with a tapered channel to help guide the docking bolt in, you can forget about the usual turns, snags, and crashes of docking engagement and get on with your journey.

MobilityWorks carries numerous lines of wheelchair docking technology and seatbelt restraints. Our NMEDA QAP certified technicians are trained on the specifics of installing and repairing Q’Straint systems and their entire line of wheelchair securement products. Please see our wheelchair measurement page for additional information and measurement forms.

About Q’Straint
For more than 25 years, Q’Straint has been developing the world’s most effective wheelchair passenger safety solutions for public and private transportation. Today, Q’Straint is a global company with a local network of representatives serving customers in over 50 countries.