Serving Clients Since the Beginning: Meet Our First-Ever Certified Mobility Consultant

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While we are excited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of MobilityWorks this year, there is another milestone anniversary within the company that cannot go unrecognized. Certified Mobility Consultant Todd Slates, of our Akron, Ohio location, has been serving our clients since day one. What started out as an after-school job sweeping floors quickly grew into a passion for helping people gain mobility and independence.

“After school, I would come here and clean, basically,” said Todd. “From that position, I went into purchasing at one point, and from purchasing I went into sales I think in 1988 or ’89, and have been in that position ever since.”

Throughout his decades-long career, Todd has watched the wheelchair accessible vehicle industry grow and adapt with the needs of the client. Even the minivan, one of the most commonly converted vehicles today, used to be a dime a dozen.

“When we started here, minivans were not on the market, as far as conversions. It was all full-size vans where we actually had to buy the van, send it out and have the floor lowered, bring it back in, put the lift in it, and send it back out to a conversion company. It could take anywhere from three to four months to actually do a vehicle,” said Todd.

The addition and popularity of the minivan introduced a world of options to those seeking a mobility solution fit for their needs. Whether a driver or passenger, wheelchair users today can find vehicles designed for their unique situation and abilities.

Todd’s dedication to helping our clients has not softened over the years. He comes to work each day ready to find a solution for whoever comes through our doors. Regardless of our clients’ circumstances, he’s on a mission to deliver the best experience with MobilityWorks that he can. As he says, “It’s just about taking care of people.”

Being a Certified Mobility Consultant isn’t just a job for Todd, it’s a calling to help bring our clients the freedom they desire. We are so proud that he chooses to follow that calling with MobilityWorks.

“It’s a great company to work for. I love what I do. We’re changing peoples’ worlds, giving them the ability to go where they want to go. That’s what it comes down to.”

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