Continuing Our Mission Toward ‘Accessibility for All’

2022 marks the 25th anniversary of MobilityWorks! All year long, we’re highlighting stories from our clients as well as our own team members who have been with us through the years. Jesse Lore serves our clients each day in his position as the Vice President of Sales and Service for MobilityWorks’ East Division. Although he’s been with the company for over ten years, Jesse’s passion for our mission continues to drive him to deliver the best possible experience for everyone who enters our showroom.

“Part of our vision is ‘accessibility for all,’ and that’s really a rallying cry for us. We don’t just want people to buy the most expensive accessible vehicles. We want to have vehicles that fit everybody’s budget as well as their lifestyle,” he said.

Jesse knows that the impact MobilityWorks has on each store’s surrounding community goes above and beyond helping just one individual find an accessible solution.

“We’re not serving an individual, we’re serving an entire community,” he said. “We know that when people with disabilities are included in their community, their lives are better and the lives of everybody else are better as well. So it’s not just about helping the individual, it’s about helping the community and it’s helping build a more inclusive community by providing accessible transportation.”

During his time with MobilityWorks, Jesse has seen the industry change. From new technology to revolutionary financing options, the wheelchair accessible vehicle industry has evolved in ways that make it easier than ever for families to find the mobility solution that fits their needs.

“MobilityWorks has actually been a huge innovator in providing more affordable solutions for people with disabilities and their families. We’ve been a pioneer in providing financing options that are lower cost than what anybody really ever thought possible for these vehicles.”

One thing that has never changed, however, is the care and commitment we provide to each of our clients.

“We can’t provide the right solution until we understand who you are, what your family’s needs are, what your preferences are. One of the things you’re going to experience is the level of attention to your individuality, your needs, your abilities, in a way that you won’t experience at any traditional dealership.”

Through our comprehensive Needs Analysis, our Certified Mobility Consultants will learn about you and your family in order to make a recommendation tailored to your abilities and lifestyle. Reach out to us today to get the process started!

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