A MobilityWorks Experience Designed Just for You

As we look back on the past 25 years, we’re putting the spotlight on some of our team members who have grown with MobilityWorks! Certified Mobility Consultant Sarah Hogan has served the clients of our North Attleboro, Massachusetts, location for nearly two decades. Every day, she assists those who come into our store looking to improve or maintain their mobility and independence. While her mission may be the same each day, Sarah goes above and beyond to deliver an experience tailored to each individual who visits our showroom.

“I let the client dictate how they’re feeling, what their questions are, and I guide them, but I really let them ask the questions. Sometimes people come in and they want to know stuff immediately. Great! I let them set the routine and I follow along with that,” she says. “I really try to individualize it so that people know this isn’t about how everything is ‘done,’ it’s about how can we do it and make it right for you to the best of our ability?”

Sarah’s attention to her clients’ unique needs doesn’t stop at the doors of our showroom. For those clients who may not be able to physically make it into the store or those who simply prefer to make an appointment from the comfort of their home, Sarah will bring the MobilityWorks experience right to their doorstep.

“A lot of times I go and bring these vehicles, sometimes more than one at a time, to someone’s home so that they can get that experience. Whether they’re trying to keep a social distance for health reasons, or they really just feel more comfortable being in their home and having a demonstration, we can bring the vehicles to them.”

While she knows that most of the people she encounters aren’t necessarily searching for an accessible vehicle by choice, Sarah is determined to deliver the best possible experience for her clients.

“For some people, they kind of feel like, ‘Oh gosh, I have to do this,’ so I try to have a little fun with it, put a positive spin on it, and we have a good time here. We really try to make it an exciting experience and something to look forward to for our clients,” she said.

Did you know that MobilityWorks offers at-home test drives and virtual appointments in addition to in-store appointments? Contact us today to schedule yours!

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