Client Care in Focus: Paul Bankovich and MobilityWorks Largo

Paul with some happy customers in front of a new van.

At MobilityWorks, we recognize that our clients have unique needs, and we treat each of them as individuals. We take this charge seriously and strive to accomplish this goal every day. In 2023, no Certified Mobility Consultant  (CMC) was better than Paul Bankovich at our location in Largo, Florida. We know this thanks to all of the great reviews he has and continues to receive. As a result, we have decided to take some time to talk with Paul and discuss his approach and how he is able to consistently deliver the right solution to his clients.

Give me an example of a first interaction with a client who is interested in purchasing a wheelchair-accessible van?

I listen to my client’s needs and earn their trust in the beginning.  I then treat them if they were my own family.

As mentioned by many of your satisfied clients, you possess a significant amount of product knowledge. Can you share some key aspects of your expertise in the wheelchair accessible van (WAV) industry?

I started selling mobility equipment in 2014.  It included scooters, powerchairs, lifts & home access, etc. Not until 2019 did I start selling WAV’s.  I applied my knowledge with the equipment to the vans and my WAV sales took off.

How do you tailor your solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring that the accessible van is a perfect fit for their lifestyle?

The key to my recommendation is asking the right questions and then listening to my client. I will then find them the van that is perfect for them. I will handle any objections if they should arise.


Can you share a memorable success story where your expertise and service significantly improved someone’s quality of life through a wheelchair accessible van?

I have many success stories that come to mind but I have one that I’ll never forget.  I had met with a double amputee at his house with a wheelchair accessible van (WAV) and a powerchair.  He loved my ideas getting him back behind the wheel.  I scheduled him a driver evaluation and he passed with the use of a transfer seat and hand controls.  After the equipment was installed, I delivered the WAV to him at his house.  His family was there, all 30 of them.  He then drove me and the driver evaluator to a restaurant and treated us to lunch.  He then told us it was the happiest day of his life.  I knew that I made a huge difference in this man’s life.

At MobilityWorks, you are the single point of contact throughout the purchasing experience. Are there additional services or resources available for our clients after they have purchased a van?

I check in with my clients after the sale to see if they have any questions or issues. I always call them at the end of the year to thank them for doing business with us.  I truly appreciate it.

How do you involve clients in the decision-making process, ensuring that they feel empowered and informed about the wheelchair accessible van options?

I like to do at home WAV demonstrations.  It involves everyone involved in a comfortable environment.  It also addresses any objections that might be overlooked at the store or a virtual video.

Please explain how you assist clients in navigating the challenges of finding the right accessible vehicle.

I like to involve my clients in the demonstration.  Test drives, deploying the ramp, strapping down equipment, etc. 


Trust is crucial in this industry. How do you establish trust with your clients, and how does it contribute to the overall positive experience they have with your service?

Building rapport is crucial in the beginning of the sale.  Clients do business with people they like.  We have many competitors in our market and first impressions mean everything.

Behind every Certified Mobility Consultant there’s always a collaborative team. How does teamwork play a role in ensuring a seamless experience for clients?

My experienced service department and administrator assist me in a timely manner to keep my clients very happy.

Thanks to standout team members like Paul Bankovich, we at MobilityWorks can consistently deliver on our promise to help enhance the lives of wheelchair users. We accomplish this through our client-centric approach and understand the profound impact of personalized care. Find the mobility solution customized for you with MobilitySelect.

Paul with a happy customer and a dog!