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Clients and Friends

MobilityWorks Free Delivery Helps Family in Need

Family standing in front of red wheelchair van

MobilityWorks—There For You! MobilityWorks is always there for you! Recently, Bianca Diaz, a Certified Mobility Consultant in our Allentown, PA location, delivered a vehicle to the home of the Buthanic family of Henrysville, PA. The Buthanics had been in for service on their wheelchair accessible vehicle at the Allentown, PA facility when they saw a …

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Getting Started at MobilityWorks

At MobilityWorks, we understand that buying a vehicle is a big decision which often leaves clients anxious and uncertain. To help understand how we work to find the solutions that fit your unique needs, we’ve created a video on getting started. We hope this resource will help guide you through the buying process. In addition, …

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30th Anniversary of the ADA

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed affording protections to people in the United States living with any form of a disability. It made discrimination based on a disability illegal, in addition to setting a minimum standard for accessibility in public spaces. This year, on July 26th, we will celebrate the 30th anniversary …

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