Florida, Maryland Stores Team Up to Help Veteran

US Navy veteran John Bollinger poses next to his new accessible vehicle.

Veteran John Bollinger has been driving adapted vehicles ever since he became paralyzed in 1969 while serving in the US Navy. In March of 2022, John and his wife were involved in an accident that totaled their accessible Toyota Sienna. They both managed to escape uninjured, but without his van, John was housebound. Working with two of our stores in different states, our teams were able to get John back on the road quickly so he could head back home to Virginia.

John had traditionally worked with the MobilityWorks team in Beltsville, Maryland, now located in Laurel. Because the team was so familiar with John and his mobility needs, they were able to get the ball rolling on a solution for him even from several states away.

“They were very familiar with my case and the people at the VA in Washington, DC, that help me with the VA’s part of it,” he said. “They took the bull by the horns and started things going.”

Meanwhile, the MobilityWorks store in Fort Myers was able to secure a rental van for John as they helped him search for a replacement vehicle that would work for his needs. Once they found the right vehicle, the two offices worked together to order and install the additional equipment he needed in order to get back home.

“I was worried at that time I might not get home until August or September. Thanks to the team in Fort Myers, they turned the screws and made it happen. I’m not sure how, it was pretty magical, but they were able to get the parts and get the car customized for me,” John said.

After a few months with his new vehicle, John decided that the accessible Honda Odyssey would be a better fit for his lifestyle. He worked through our Alexandria, Virginia, location for that purchase and says that his experiences with each of these locations was a positive one.

“People probably usually just deal with one office – I’ve dealt with three, and I’ve had good experiences at all three. If I extrapolate a little bit, it must mean the rest of the MobilityWorks offices across the country are probably doing as equally a good job,” he said.

When something unexpected such as a traffic accident happens, it’s hard to know where to turn first. Because of John’s relationship with the team in Maryland, he immediately found the support and guidance he needed to help him get back home. Through MobilitySelect, you too can get connected with your very own point of contact at the location closest to you. They will be there for you to schedule appointments, provide flexible service options, and answer any questions you might have along the way!

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