Mother-Daughter Duo Travels Together Again

Tammy Hunt's mother poses next to the family's new accessible van.

The little things in life can make a big difference. For one MobilityWorks client in Florida, her wheelchair accessible vehicle gives her the freedom not only to travel alone but also with her mother, who is a wheelchair user herself.

Due to a degenerative back disease, Tammy Hunt often uses a Hoveround to travel comfortably. She reached out to MobilityWorks hoping to find a way to transport herself and her chair, her mother and her chair, and her husband. The vehicle needed to be spacious enough for her whole family while still meeting her budget. Her Certified Mobility Consultant in Clermont had the perfect solution – a used Dodge Grand Caravan with a CompanionVan conversion from BraunAbility.

As excited as Tammy was to finally have a vehicle that would allow her to travel freely, there was someone else she knew would be just as excited – her mother. To make the moment extra special, Tammy decided to surprise her mom with the van.

“She was so happy. I said, ‘Come out front, I’ve got something to show you!’” Tammy said. “I pulled the ramp down and said, ‘Surprise! We have our freedom now.’ Her mouth dropped. Now she gets mad at me when I won’t take her frivolous places.”

Since Tammy is still able to drive, the CompanionVan conversion provides enough space for her mother to ride into the van and transfer into the back seat. Then, Tammy backs her chair in next to her mother’s and hops into the driver’s seat. The vehicle allows Tammy to drive her mother for practical activities such as doctor’s appointments, but what means the most is being able to bring her mother along for fun family vacations to the beach.

Whether you stop in to one of our showrooms knowing what you want, like Tammy, or are a first-time buyer and need help figuring out where to start, you can find the right ride with the right fit at MobilityWorks by working directly with one of our Certified Mobility Consultants. They will get to know you, your lifestyle and your budget to help you find the vehicle that’s right for you!

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