Delivering Solutions Nationwide, No Matter the Distance

Image shows Buy Direct Product Specialist, Lauren Garrett

As MobilityWorks continues celebrating 25 years of helping clients gain the mobility, independence and personal freedom they desire, we’re putting the spotlight on some of our team members who have helped our mission. Lauren Garrett has been with MobilityWorks for six years and took on the role of Buy Direct Product Specialist when the program launched in 2018. She assists clients across the United States in finding a mobility solution, even if they’re 100 miles away from one of our stores.

Lauren recognizes that there is a need nationwide for accessible transportation. Everyone deserves the freedom to experience life’s important moments, and through her role and the Buy Direct program, that freedom is a possibility no matter where a client lives.

“Our role is important because everybody deserves an opportunity to ‘be there,’ an opportunity to get out, an opportunity to share family experiences. This role overcomes distance, it overcomes boundaries of someone not being able to come in. It overcomes those obstacles, which in the end, allows that client to be a part of what would otherwise be normal, everyday experiences we often take for granted,” she said.

Throughout her time with MobilityWorks, Lauren has helped countless clients find a mobility solution that allows them to get out and live life. She recalls one client in particular, who was homebound until they received their accessible vehicle.

“They were not able to get out of the house. Their only means of transportation was through transportation services to get to a doctor’s appointment, and then back home. No other experiences outside of the house,” she said. “Once they realized that their purchase was finally moving forward, the thought of having this accessible van to go places brought them to tears. It was a really emotional moment for the client, and it touched me, too. Just to see what an impact having an accessible vehicle really makes on a person’s quality of life and their ability to ‘be there.’”

For those who are considering the purchase of an accessible vehicle but don’t believe it’s possible for them, Lauren’s advice is this: “Give us a chance.” Our finance team works every day with clients from all credit backgrounds to help them find a solution that will give them the independence and personal freedom they desire.

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