A Sense of Freedom, Accomplishment, & Belonging

As this year’s InMotion event gets underway and we reflect on 25 years in the industry, we asked you — our clients — what it means to “be there.” For one of our clients, Eduardo, the idea of being there goes far and beyond making a trip to the store or going to the park. To him, it’s about the sense of freedom that comes with being able to “freely and independently leave the house and venture out into the world.” Below, Eduardo describes in his own words how having an accessible vehicle has impacted his life.

What does “be there” mean to me? Be there is no other place like driving on the weekends to be with family and friends, driving to a nearby town to volunteer at a children’s hospital, driving to church and work, driving to the park… But beyond that, “be there” embodies a sense of freedom, a sense of accomplishment, a sense of belonging.

In my 30s, life changed forever, for it was at that time that I was blessed with the gift of driving. Before that, I was literally stuck, unable to freely and independently leave the house and venture out into the world. My life was stagnant, living in the shadows while the world around me thrived and expanded.

Being able to drive is something that is seemingly ordinary and inconsequential. In truth, driving gives you the means to choose where you want to be and what to do with your time. Driving gives you access to people and places and that allows you to connect and build relationships. Life is all about relationships.

As someone with a physical “disability,” I have endured profound physical and emotional deprivation. The minute I sat behind the wheel, roads and pathways appeared before me and I was no longer imprisoned in my own small world. I felt liberated and redeemed and that gave me the opportunity to embark on unimagined paths. Somehow driving and being out there with the rest of the world has made me feel in sync and equal to humanity, no longer unjustly defined and restrained.

I am forever grateful to MobilityWorks for helping me be the change and hope that I want to see out there in the world. Let us continue to make this earth a more accessible and compassionate place for everyone.

At MobilityWorks, we make it our mission to help our clients find the right solution so they can experience the same freedoms as Eduardo! Whether you are a driver or passenger, our teams nationwide are ready to guide you during your mobility journey. Contact us today to see how we can help you “be there” for the moments that mean the most to you.

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