Changing Lives One Solution at a Time

MobilityWorks is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. To celebrate, our team is reflecting on their best moments throughout their time with MobilityWorks. We’re sharing the stories of both our clients and team members, illustrating the impact that MobilityWorks has had on so many lives.

Joe Clementi is our Vice President of Service Operations and is in his eighth year on the team. Having had 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, Joe discussed the positive impact that moving to the mobility industry has had on him.

“When you transfer into the adaptive world, you learn more and more about the individual struggles of our clients…and it becomes much more of a personal touch. When talking about success stories, there are hundreds of them…we’re not just providing a car, but a treatment to improve the quality of life of the client.”

After eight years with MobilityWorks, Joe still loves the team environment of MobilityWorks as much as he did on day one.

“It’s the people we work with, their creativity…as well as a great quality of life with a work/life balance. But it’s also about the ingenuity of our teams. We get to create solutions that don’t exist…they [the technicians] are so creative, and every experience is unique. Finding the solution for the client is what motivates you to keep moving forward.”

Joe is also passionate about the unity of the team, and how MobilityWorks functions as a company.

“Every end of the business collaborates together with one vision, one purpose, and one intention: to serve our clients. It’s that unity and team that is our culture, purpose, and why. It becomes a way of life.”

Because each client’s needs are different, the technicians get to interact with the client and work with them throughout the process.

“They get to interact with the client they are serving. It’s not just a ‘fix or replace,’ but they are engaging with the client and working with them to give them an accessibility solution.”

Joe believes that one of the advantages of working with MobilityWorks is getting to see the life-changing impact that a new vehicle can have on clients and their families.

“There’s a family in Florida that had never had a family vacation. They had a 13-year-old daughter in a wheelchair, and they weren’t able to bring her with them, so they didn’t go on family vacations. We built a Transit where we replaced the flooring, put in a lift, tracks, and TV monitors, and now this family can travel as a full unit. We got photos from Disney World, from the ocean…and this family was able to experience the world in a whole new way.”

Our solutions allow the client to get their life back. Sometimes, it’s the basic things that are most important.

“One client…we were just sitting, having a casual conversation. The one thing she was looking forward to the most was to be able to go to the grocery store by herself. It seems so simple, but her joy of being able to do the things she wanted to do on her own. Seeing the joy…it is just so impactful.”

The Mobility industry is ever-changing, and new technology is creating better solutions to fit the needs of the client.

“The diversity of the products that have evolved over time is just fascinating. The advancement in technology…it’s just amazing…the future is in the technology and it’s amazing to see where it will take us.”

Above all, Joe wants MobilityWorks clients to know that he is invested in them and that the client experience is of the utmost importance.

“Our service management team, advisors, and regional support team all have one goal in common: to serve our clients with the utmost respect and give them the freedom and accessibility that they deserve.”

Joe and the rest of the team at MobilityWorks are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients. We’re grateful for the positive impact that you, our clients, have had on our lives for 25 years and counting.

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