Meeting and Exceeding the Needs of Our Clients

Picture shows Peter Weagraff, who spent 15 years as a Certified Mobility Consultant with MobilityWorks

MobilityWorks is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. To celebrate, our team is reflecting on their best moments throughout their time with MobilityWorks. We’re sharing the stories of both our clients and team members, illustrating the impact that MobilityWorks has had on so many lives.

Peter Weagraff spent 15 years as a Certified Mobility Consultant with MobilityWorks and has recently joined our Commercial division. Before MobilityWorks, Peter had a career as a chiropractor and school teacher, and he thinks that both of those prior experiences have helped him to succeed at MobilityWorks.

“I’m still in healthcare, and I’m still educating people, so it’s been a good fit for me for the last 15 years,” said Peter.

During his time as a Certified Mobility Consultant, Peter built relationships with many clients over the years. Those client relationships extended beyond the moment they left in their new vehicle.

“The first thing a Certified Mobility Consultant accomplishes with a client is a Needs Analysis. That can happen in one of two ways. In some cases, a third party is involved in that evaluation process, and they are referred to as a Certified Driving Rehab Specialist. They are licensed through their respective state, and in most cases write a prescription for recommended vehicle modifications,” said Peter. “Many of our clients do not use special driving equipment and are looking for a vehicle for transport. Those families typically come to us directly, and I had the pleasure of meeting with them at the beginning of their journey to find wheelchair accessible transportation. It was my responsibility to make sure that in a month, or six months, or six years from now, they know that they made the right choice, and they’re going to come back to us.”

Peter knows that it’s not just the client who benefits from working with MobilityWorks, but he feels the positive impact of getting to work with people from all different backgrounds and who have many different needs.

“I’m blessed to be impacted in many ways from different avenues; from our clients, our colleagues, and third parties,” he said.

Since his start with the company in 2007, Peter has seen MobilityWorks change and grow over the last 15 years. “When I started, we had 11 stores, all east of the Mississippi and that was it,” said Peter. “Now, having over 90 stores across the country and being the largest in our industry, I’m no longer a big fish in a little pond, but a little fish in a big pond, but I am ok with that because my satisfaction comes from the people I get to work with every day.”

MobilityWorks is committed to finding the best solution for our clients, and Peter spoke about the positive difference that working with a MobilityWorks Certified Mobility Consultant can make. “I think there’s a much greater chance that their needs will be met if they come and meet with us face-to-face and actually have a chance to try these products,” he said. “We really try to meet the needs of our clients.”

Whether you’re ready to buy an accessible vehicle now or considering the possibility, our personalized assessments are always free. Our Certified Mobility Consultants will take all the time necessary to evaluate your needs and recommend the best options for you and your family. This includes a complete Needs Analysis and an explanation of all the financing options that fit within your budget. Click here to learn more.