Knowing the Importance of ‘Being There’ for a Loved One

Don Stratton looking off into the sunset

Don and Rebecca Stratton will never forget November 11th, 2019. That morning, Don woke up unable to walk or move his lower extremities.

It is “a day my body feels before I even have a chance to recall what day it is. In some ways, it is a day that is filled with grief and pain,” says Rebecca. “In other ways, it was a day filled with praise that the good Lord chose to keep my husband Don here. It’s a day that dreams were lost, but new dreams were found!”

That morning, their lives changed forever. By entering a new role as Don’s caregiver, it has shown Rebecca what truly matters in life is something that we rarely acknowledge or value.

“The greatest gift we can ever offer to anyone in our lives is something we rarely value: namely, our gentle, unhurried presence or ‘being there.’ The capacity to ‘be there’ for another person and walk alongside them in their pain is indeed a powerful healer.”

Rebecca says that she is constantly reminded of the importance of being patient and selfless when caring for a loved one. “It means standing firmly at his side in times of trouble and heartbreak.”

“This new wheelchair life can be inconvenient and challenging, but it has taught us to be more compassionate and understanding. I’m reminded that marriage is not about the walk down the aisle, but every walk thereafter.”

While some days are tougher than others, the Stratton family continues to look forward and stand strong in the face of adversity. Despite their life taking a drastic turn in such a short amount of time, Don continues to be an inspiration and encouragement for Rebecca.

“I know there is no one I would rather be walking through life with and ‘being there’ for,” says Rebecca. “He is my greatest blessing, my inspiration, and my encouragement!”

We’re grateful to Rebecca for sharing her story with us. If you’re currently in need of a wheelchair accessible vehicle, our Certified Mobility Consultants are here to help. Contact us today to schedule your free Needs Analysis so our team can find the right vehicle for you!