‘Different, But On My Terms’

Photo shows Ina adaptive skiing down a slope

Ina has faced challenges all her life, beginning with a polio diagnosis at just 18 months old. Her health issues often left her feeling marginalized, ostracized, and ignored, but her determination from an early age would set the stage for a life full of adventure!

“By the time I had my first corrective surgery at age six, I had heard the adults say that having a disability was a fate worse than death,” she reflects. “When I woke up from that surgery, I decided, at six, to live the life that suited me. I was different and I would remain different, but on my terms.”

Living life carefully and timidly was not on the roster for Ina; she wanted to experience the rush of moving at speeds far beyond walking. Before long, you could find Ina skydiving, scuba diving, riding on roller coasters, and even white-water rafting!

One adventure she had not yet conquered, however, was skiing.

“An article about amputee skiing caught my attention and stayed in my longing for years. If they could ski on one leg, so could I!” she said.

Unfortunately, as the late effects of polio began to progress, Ina’s mobility became more limited. She went from utilizing braces to canes to crutches, and now uses a folding scooter that she says has added “magic” to her life. While she was able to get help loading her scooter into her car before driving away from home, the issue remained taking the scooter out of the trunk once she got to her destination.

Through MobilityWorks, Ina had a scooter lift attached to her car to finally bridge that final gap to freedom. The lift was installed on her car’s frame and uses the battery for power.

“Freedom!” Ina exclaimed. “It was finally time to make my way to a ski slope!”

Ina has also been featured on several news outlets for her work as a restauranteur in the Chicago area, and even a run for the US Senate! Click here to read more about her incredible life.

We’re proud to have been a part of helping Ina continue her adventures! Our trained service technicians are experts at installing a variety of scooter lifts such as hoist lifts, platform lifts, and exterior carriers. Reach out to our service department today so we can assist you in finding the right lift for your vehicle.

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