Harmar lift on back of silver vehicle

Scooter Lifts for Many Vehicle Types

A scooter or wheelchair lift is a mechanical platform designed to raise and lower to allow an individual with a wheelchair to enter and exit a vehicle. There are many different styles of wheelchair lifts to fit most individual needs and lifestyles. A wheelchair lift can provide the independence to go where you want, when you want to!

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We carry trusted wheelchair and scooter lifts from Bruno, that are designed to fit many of the top selling cars, trucks, vans and SUVs on the road. All of these lifts can be professionally installed by a MobilityWorks technician. In addition to the warranty from Bruno, we provide a 1 year labor warranty and 1 year of our ProtectionWorks Roadside Assistance service standard with all our scooter and wheelchair lifts.

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hoist scooter lift inside a vehicle

Hoist Scooter Lifts

Hoist-style scooter lifts, also called boom lifts, look like a construction crane with an arm with straps that attach to the scooter or wheelchair to raise and lower it. These motorized devices come in various designs to accommodate different weight capacities and the type of vehicle. These are for use only with unoccupied scooters or wheelchairs.
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woman on red scooter next to platform lift extended to ground from back of vehicle

Platform Scooter Lifts

The platform-style scooter lift uses a platform to raise and lower the unoccupied scooter or wheelchair. Simply drive your scooter or wheelchair onto the platform while it sets on the ground. With the push of a button, an arm secures the scooter or wheelchair and raises the platform off the ground.
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exterior scooter lift on back of silver vehicle

Exterior Scooter Lifts

Exterior style scooter lifts, also known as External lifts, are designed to mount onto an existing rear towing hitch with the scooter or wheelchair remaining outside the vehicle while being transported.
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