A Guide to Driver & Passenger Positions in Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are reminded just how much the wheelchair accessible vehicle industry has evolved over the years. Whether you are a wheelchair user who drives or rides as a passenger, there are more options than ever to get where you need to go safely and comfortably. Here’s a handy guide that breaks down different types of conversions for both passengers and drivers.

Ideal Conversions for Passengers

If you are a wheelchair user who travels as a passenger, you can take your pick between both side and rear-entry conversions. Each is designed to accommodate a wheelchair user either in the rear of the vehicle or in the center area. Not all conversions are built alike, however, and our Certified Mobility Consultants can recommend the mobility solution that is ideal for your needs and preferences.

Dodge Grand Caravan with Adaptive Mobility Systems Power Side-Entry Conversion

For wheelchair passengers who do not drive but still want the option to ride up front, the Dodge Grand Caravan with Adaptive Mobility Systems Power Side-Entry Conversion is a flexible option at a great price. The front passenger seat in this vehicle is removable, meaning a wheelchair user could either travel in the center of the vehicle or in the front passenger position. Watch below for an inside look at this conversion:

The Flex Series

If you are a caregiver or have a large family with varying accessibility needs, the Flex Series from Driverge® Vehicle Innovations may be just what you’re looking for. This rear-entry conversion is designed as a 2-in-1 wheelchair accessible vehicle that operates as an accessible van when needed, and a standard minivan when not. This means you can use it to transport one (or more) wheelchair users or fold up the ramp in the back to capitalize on cargo space. Take a 360-degree view of the FlexFlat 7 below:

View Driverge FlexFlat 7 360 Video

BraunAbility CompanionVan® Conversion

The CompanionVan conversion from BraunAbility is ideal for wheelchair users who travel with a companion. The mid-section of the van is lowered to accommodate a wheelchair user, while the front seats remain static, making this a budget-friendly option for families on the go. This power side-entry conversion is available on the Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Pacifica, and Chrysler Voyager. Our Richmond, Virginia, Sales Manager Jason Blackwell gives an up-close look at this conversion below:


Ideal Conversions for Drivers

Advancements in accessibility technology have made it easier than ever for wheelchair users who also drive to maintain their independence. Some of the most sophisticated conversions available now come with removable front seats, meaning the wheelchair user can ride from almost anywhere in the vehicle, or sit right behind the wheel.

Toyota Sienna Hybrid

The Toyota Sienna Hybrid is a power conversion equipped with impressive cabin space and hybrid technology capable of achieving 36 MPG. Larger power chairs can maneuver this vehicle with ease, whether they are riding in the center area or driving the vehicle themselves. Some models even come with all-wheel drive to tackle rough terrain. Watch below as Jason shows the innovative features of the Hybrid:

Chevrolet Traverse with BraunAbility Power In-Floor Conversion

For wheelchair users looking to drive something other than a minivan, the accessible Chevrolet Traverse is a must-see. The spacious design of this SUV makes it possible for not one, but two wheelchair users to ride together thanks to removable front seats and securements in the center area. This conversion even comes with a sliding shifter console for ultimate customization and comfort. Watch below for a tour with Jason:

Honda Odyssey with BraunAbility Power In-Floor Conversion

The in-floor power ramp system on the Honda Odyssey with BraunAbility Power In-Floor Conversion allows wheelchair users to operate the ramp and enter/exit the vehicle completely independently. With removable front seats and an extended cabin, this conversion features impressive maneuverability for drivers or passengers in larger power chairs. Take a closer look below:

How MobilityWorks Helps You Find the Right Solution

With so many different types of conversions and vehicles, it is important to know all your options before choosing a wheelchair accessible vehicle. That’s why each of our Certified Mobility Consultants are trained to conduct a Needs Analysis to learn more about you and your mobility needs. Stop in today for your free Needs Analysis or contact us to schedule an appointment!

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