Team Member Sherri Roeder Provides 17 Years of Greetings and Guidance

MobilityWorks Be There Sherri

We are honored to celebrate our 25th anniversary with you, our valued clients. Our team members over these 25 years have experienced so many amazing stories and solutions with you. Throughout this special year, we will showcase just a few of these meaningful moments right from our team members, like Sherri Roeder shares below.

Sherri is a Sales Administrator who has been with MobilityWorks for 17 years and was a part of our team when Madison Heights, Michigan, was only our fifth location. She is the first person you see when you come to the showroom, and with a joyful smile asks, “How can I help you?”

At MobilityWorks, our relationship with our clients is more than a transaction of services. We share a passion for serving others and making the client experience the core of our mission.

Sherri provided just one story among many regarding this incredible connection.

“I had a family member and a client found out that they had passed away, and he took the time to send me a card.”

“Everything we do we do for our clients,” she continued. “We have a relationship with our clients because they need us and some just come in to say hello … They are just good people.”

Sherri also coordinates the renting of accessible vans at her store. MobilityWorks has wheelchair van rentals available to help with occasional transportation needs — locally or nationwide. Rent for a day, a weekend, or longer.

She went on to say, “They find it pretty amazing it’s out there. They have been struggling with transportation companies and don’t want to wait three or four hours after an appointment. A rental van gives them the freedom they want.”

She explained the process of showing and explaining the rental vehicle before it’s rented.

“We go outside with them and show them how the vehicle works,” she explained. They are surprised that they can “stay in their chair the entire time.”

When asked what she wanted people to know about us, she affirmed, “MobilityWorks is here for you. We will do everything in our power to get you in the right solution or van, whether it’s price, how large it needs to be, or side entry versus rear entry, there are so many options out there. Whatever works best for you is what we are going to do. We aren’t going to pressure you into something you don’t want to do.”

Like Sherri mentioned, whether you are in need of a new accessible vehicle, a Needs Analysis, service for your existing vehicle, great financing, or a vacation rental, MobilityWorks is here to help. Give us a call at 877-275-4907.

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