United Spinal Association: A Valuable Resource for the SCI/D Community

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Did you know that roughly 17,700 Americans experience a spinal cord injury every year? The adjustment process following a new injury looks different for everyone. To help those impacted by a spinal cord injury or disorder (SCI/D) move forward and navigate a new routine, the United Spinal Association offers support and resources to help the SCI/D community “discover greater independence and quality of life.” In addition to providing educational resources, the nonprofit also creates an opportunity for members of the SCI/D community to share their experiences through support group programs and peer mentoring.

SCI/D Resources

Through United Spinal’s vast collection of online resources and services, you can learn more about living with SCI/D through topics including:

Find Support

United Spinal’s network connects those in the SCI/D community with programs that develop camaraderie, recreational opportunities and emotional support. Their online search tool provides a list of support group resources across the country, not only for individuals but for friends and family members as well. You can also find helpful information for veterans, employment opportunities and one-on-one peer mentoring resources.

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in supporting United Spinal’s mission, you can make a donation online or participate in events hosted by your local United Spinal chapter. On February 4th, the United Spinal Association of Illinois will host their second annual online Texas Hold’em Tournament to support their efforts in serving those who have been paralyzed by spinal cord injury/disorders. Click here to learn more.

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