2023 Honda Odyssey with BraunAbility side entry conversion

Side-Entry Wheelchair Van Conversions

When it comes to accessible wheelchair vans, one of the most common modifications made to accommodate wheelchair passengers is to lower the floor of a minivan. This provides the extra floor to ceiling clearance needed to permit a person to remain seated in their wheelchair while entering, riding in or driving the vehicle.

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Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Honda and Toyota Side-Entry Wheelchair Van Conversions

MobilityWorks is among the largest resellers of both BraunAbility® and VMI lowered floor minivans, the leading minivan conversion manufacturers in the world for accessible wheelchair vans.

Chevrolet Traverse

Built on the Chevrolet Traverse, the BraunAbility In-Floor XI innovative design.

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Chrysler Pacifica and Voyager

Small image of a clean sapphire Chrystler Pacifica wheelchair van with manual ramp

The new Chrysler Pacifica has 3 different types of side-entry ramp conversions available. The BraunAbility Foldout XT, The BraunAbility Power Infloor and the VMI Northstar.

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Dodge Grand Caravan

There are 9 different side-entry conversions for the Dodge Grand Caravan. The BraunAbility CompanionVan, XT and Plus XT, BraunAbility Power XT, BraunAbility Power Infloor, BraunAbility Power Fold-Out, VMI Northstar E, VMI Northstar and VMI Summit.
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Honda Odyssey

A blue/gray 2023 Honda Odyssey with BraunAbility side entry conversion, with the ramp deployed

The Honda Odyssey has 3 different side-entry conversions available. BraunAbility Honda Power Infloor, VMI Honda Northstar and VMI Honda Summit.

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Toyota Sienna

There are 6 different types of side-entry ramp conversions available for the Toyota Sienna. BraunAbility Power Infloor XL, BrauAbility Power Foldout XL, BraunAbility Manual XT, VMI Northstar E™ with Access360®, Northstar® with Access360® and VMI Summit™ with Access360®

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