Side Entry Minivans

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Dodge, Chrysler, Honda and Toyota Minivan Conversions

When it comes to accessible wheelchair vans, one of the most common modifications made to accommodate wheelchair passengers is to lower the floor of a minivan. This provides the extra floor to ceiling clearance needed to permit a person to remain seated in their wheelchair while entering, riding in or driving the vehicle. MobilityWorks is among the largest resellers of both BraunAbility and VMI lowered floor minivans, the leading minivan conversion manufacturers in the world for accessible wheelchair vans. MobilityWorks also manufactures its own Rear-Entry Minivan and Ford Transit Connect.

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Toyota Sienna

There are 7 different types of ramp conversions available for the Toyota Sienna. BraunAbility Power Infloor, BrauAbility Power XL, BraunAbility Power XT, BraunAbility Manual XT, VMI Northstar E360, VMI Northstar Access360™ and VMI Summit Access360™

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Honda Odyssey

There are 3 different types of ramp conversions available for the Honda Odyssey. BraunAbility Power, VMI Northstar and VMI Summit.

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The new Chrysler Pacifica has 2 different types of ramp conversions available. The BraunAbility Foldout XT and the VMI Northstar.

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Grand Caravan

There are 7 different types of ramp conversions available for the Dodge Grand Caravan minivan. BraunAbility CompanionVan, BraunAbility CompanionVan XT, BraunAbility Power, BraunAbility Power XT and BraunAbility Power Infloor, VMI Northstar, and VMI Northstar E.

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