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Wheelchair Accessible Chrysler Pacifica

Women looking at the rearview mirror in a Chrystler Pacifica wheelchair van

BraunAbility Power In-Floor

Built on the Chrysler, Pacifica the Power In-Floor features patent-pending technology, creating the widest door opening and side-entry ramp in its class. These engineering breakthroughs ensure superior maneuverability and improved ease of entry and exit for wheelchair users.

  1. Room to accommodate all sizes and types of wheelchairs
  2. Rear axle design creates extra space in the back of the cabin
  3. Aerospace-inspired sliding door extends beyond the doorway, giving plenty of space to enter and exit the vehicle
Clean ruby Chrystler wheelchair van
BraunAbility® Manual Rear-Entry

The BraunAbiliy Pacifica Manual Rear-Entry has the most interior space of any BraunAbility rear-entry van. The wide ramp and more door height provides easy entry and exit. The rear-entry conversion makes it possible to use standard parking spaces when accessible parking is unavailable.

The spacious interior with large door entry and wide ramp provide easy accessibility. Latching tailgate with easy-release handle that secures the manual fold-out ramp for a safe, rattle-free ride.

Dark gray wheelchair van with rear entry manual ramp and BraunAbility logo on the driver side door
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Ruby Chrystler wheelchair van with manual ramp and open side door.

BraunAbility Power In-Floor

  • Side-Entry Ramp
  • Power Conversion
  • In-Floor Ramp

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Small image of a clean sapphire Chrystler Pacifica wheelchair van with manual ramp

BraunAbility Power Fold-Out XT

  • Side-Entry Ramp
  • Power Conversion
  • Fold-Out Ramp

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Smaller images of an angled view of a Chrystler wheelchair van with manual ramp

VMI Northstar In-Floor Access360

  • Side-Entry Ramp
  • Power Conversion
  • In-Floor Ramp

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Small image of medium gray Chrsytler Pacifica rear entry Wheelchair van

BraunAbility Manual Rear-Entry®

  • Rear-Entry Ramp
  • Manual Conversion
  • Fold-Out Ramp

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