MobilityWorks® Announces Launch of the Accessibility 4 All™ Side-Entry with Quiet Ride™ Technology by Driverge® Vehicle Innovations

MobilityWorks®, the nation’s largest retailer of wheelchair accessible vehicles, is excited to unveil the Accessibility 4 All™ Side-Entry vehicle with newly engineered Quiet Ride™ technology. The Quiet Ride technology is being introduced on the Dodge Grand Caravan and provides reduced cabin noise along with performance and handling comparable to an unconverted minivan.

“One of the complaints we receive from new wheelchair accessible vehicle owners is the amount of road and wind noise that can be heard in the cabin. Using Driverge Vehicle Innovation’s Quiet Ride technology, we have been able to reduce the decibel level of the cabin by a factor of 10 compared to other conversions,” said Chris Paczak, Chief Marketing Officer at MobilityWorks. “Customer feedback has also pointed toward some wheelchair accessible vehicles feeling top heavy when switching lanes and going around curves. Driverge Vehicle Innovation’s Quiet Ride technology has reduced this feeling. The engineering of the Accessibility 4 All Side-Entry has focused on providing a more OEM driving experience.”

Quiet Ride technology significantly diminishes the sounds of conversion equipment often heard in other accessible vehicles, offering a more pleasant experience that does not require drivers or passengers to strain to be heard. One example of the attention to detail and effort made to make the overall experience as quiet as possible is that even the bushings used in the ramps were upgraded to reduce the “clanking” noise often associated with power ramps. When this technology is combined with the smooth maneuverability of the Accessibility 4 All Side-Entry, drivers will find themselves with a renewed opportunity to enjoy their journey with fewer distractions. Adding to the value, this vehicle comes with a specialized flooring package that offers years of durability without the wear and tear of standard carpeting.

Click here for more details about the Accessibility 4 All Side-Entry with Quiet Ride technology or watch the video below:

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