National MS Society Celebrates ’75 Years of Progress’

Founded in 1946 by Sylvia Lawry, the National MS Society has grown into a nationwide movement that continues to fight for a world free of multiple sclerosis. The organization is an invaluable resource for those impacted by the disease, those working to cure it, and those looking for a way to help.

It all began when Sylvia Lawry reached out to people with MS by placing an ad in The New York Times. She was searching for answers from those who had recovered and could potentially help her brother, Bernard, who lived with this neurological disease. Instead, she was overwhelmed with responses from people who were searching for the same information as her.

By the following year, Sylvia had formed a group of medical experts dedicated to understanding and researching MS. Her commitment to the cause led to outstanding breakthroughs and progress continues even in 2021.

Scott Grabner, Certified Mobility Consultant at our Marietta, Georgia, location, serves as the Co-Chair for the 2021 Georgia Multiple Sclerosis Leadership Class.

“In February of 2020, I had the pleasure of participating in MS State Action Day at the Georgia Capitol. It was there that I learned about the MS Leadership Class after meeting with Georgia’s Multiple Sclerosis President, Roy Rangel. Philanthropy has always been important to me, and the MS Leadership class was a great way to grow professionally and personally while giving back to the local communities on a national platform. One of the most rewarding experiences has been meeting so many ambitious professionals and friends through the MS Leadership Class. I was honored to be asked to Co-Chair the 2021 Leadership Class with my remarkable friend, Terry Hord,” said Scott.


The MS Leadership Class gives business professionals a chance to sharpen their leadership skills while participating in fundraising activities to benefit global MS research. The virtual program kicks off May 13 and nominations are now being accepted. If there is a leader you would like to nominate, click here.

If you are not located in Georgia, you can still get involved with the National MS Society through volunteering, advocacy, or donations. Click here to learn more.

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