10 Ingenious Wheelchair Accessible Playground Equipment Designs

Boy in wheelchair sitting with sister on grass

Making a playground that is welcoming for wheelchair users is about more than just installing ramps for easy accessibility. They have to be fun, too! Check out these inclusive playground features that will ensure children of all abilities will have a good time.

  1. The Sway Fun® Glider

This accessible glider from Landscape Structures has room for two wheelchair users along with two benches for seated passengers. It also includes a play table with cup holders and wheelchair handholds.


  1. Accessible Merry Go Round

SportsPlay’s accessible Merry Go Round is equipped with a governor for speed control and has room for 10-12 children, including two wheelchair users. Lockable swing gates allow for easy access and added safety.


  1. Elevated Sand Table

An elevated sand table can provide children of all abilities with sensory and social play. This durable table from BigToys can be used not only for sand play, but also water play or gardening experiences.

Children play at an elevated sand table
Courtesy: BigToys
  1. We-Go-Swing™

This no-transfer, inclusive swing from Landscape Structures features a spacious deck that can also be connected to a ramp for easy wheelchair access. The design allows children and adults of all abilities to enjoy a ride together. Plus, the handlebars help move the swing, which will encourage active participation and teamwork from all kids on board.


  1. Wheel Thru Arcade

The Wheel Thru Arcade from SportsPlay allows young wheelchair users to pull their way across a set of bars. The steel climber is designed for 5-12 year olds and satisfies ADA guidelines.

Children play on a wheel thru arcade
Courtesy: SportsPlay
  1. Accessible SuperScoop

With the Accessible SuperScoop from Landscape Structures, kids can dig to their heart’s content while developing problem-solving skills and upper body coordination.

  1. All Around Playtime Patio with Canopy™

Available through Step2, children of all abilities can host their own backyard barbeque. The open pavilion design and tall canopy leaves room for everyone to play together. The playhouse features a kitchenette area, sand and water play area, and a built-in snack table station.

Children play inside All Around Playtime Patio
Courtesy: Step2
  1. Stationary Cycler

This freestanding cycler from Landscape Structures supports upper body strength and coordination in kids of all abilities. It features handholds that are made of high-density polyethylene for a safe grasp and is designed for ages 5-12.


  1. Liberty Swing

The development of the Liberty Swing is a gamechanger due to its maximum swing height capability. The swing is fully lockable, durable, and fitted with an internal steel frame. The swing also includes a fold-down seat for those who might access the swing via wheelchair or those who still need the support of a seat belt. The Liberty Swing is manufactured in Australia, but you can find a handful of them around the United States.


  1. Accessible Power Lifter™ Chinning Bar

This accessible chin up bar, available through Landscape Structures, is built closer to the ground, making it easily reachable for children in wheelchairs. The design is intended to build upper body strength, flexibility, and motor planning skills.

Girl plays on accessible chin up bar
Courtesy: Landscape Structures

Playgrounds should be a safe space for all children to learn and socialize together, regardless of their abilities. If you are looking for an accessible playground near you or want to see what a specific playground features before you visit, go to accessibleplayground.net.

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