Playing Golf in a Wheelchair

Golf is a sport that can be played by almost everyone – regardless of your level of mobility. Whether you are in a wheelchair, have an amputation, or an injury, you can engage in and enjoy golf comfortably. There are several adaptive solutions that are available to make golf an activity for everyone. For people with arm amputations, there are devices available to help with swinging. Today we’ll explore an innovative device that assists a wheelchair user comfortable and efficient around the course.

Single-rider golf carts are a unique innovation specifically designed for wheelchair-bound golfers . They are similar to a regular golf cart in that they help to transfer players across the green. However, single-rider golf carts are only for one player. These special golf carts provide players with the ability to move into a standing position and have an effective angle for playing. Swinging from a seated position, as most wheelchair-bound golfers do, can be quite difficult. By bringing the player up to a standing position, the golf experience is improved and the ability to hit the ball is enhanced.

Single-rider carts are starting to become more common throughout the United States. In some places, like in Indianapolis and Baltimore, single rider carts are available at every city course. If you’re in a wheelchair and think golf sounds like fun, or if you’re an experienced golfer and would like to utilize a single-rider cart, call your local course and see if there are single-rider carts available. In addition, if you live in Northeast Ohio, check out The Turn in North Olmsted, as they offer more Paramobile and SoloRider mobility devices than any other facility in the Midwest. For more information on golf for wheelchair users, visit Disabled Sports USA.

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