Twins With Wheels: Our Favorite Products as a Wheelchair User

Sisters Kelly and Kristen share their Twins with Wheels story

Sisters Kelly and Kristen, of Twins With Wheels, launched their YouTube channel last year as a resource for wheelchair users as well as those interested in learning more about life as a wheelchair user. Their videos cover a variety of topics including accessible housing, parenting — even the journey of buying and driving a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

MobilityWorks is teaming up with Twins With Wheels to share their strategies, experiences, and humor with our clients. Below you will find a personal introduction from the twins along with the first video that premiered on their channel.

A Note from Kelly and Kristen:

Hi, our names are Kristen and Kelly and we have recently launched our YouTube channel, Twins With Wheels. We are identical twins with Spinal Muscular Atrophy that have used power wheelchairs for over 40 years. Our father had Multiple Sclerosis and also used a power chair. So in our family, we had three wheelchair users which has given us a unique perspective on what life is like from a seated position. It’s also given us some crazy stories that we can tell about dealing with accessible life in a sometimes inaccessible world.

We started our channel with the hopes that we could share some of the lessons we’ve learned over the years and maybe save some people out there from making the same mistakes we have. We also know that finding information can be difficult at times so we try to make videos about things which we wish we had access to over the years.

Today we want to provide some suggestions on products that were not designed as mobility aid products but have helped us out immensely:

Products featured by Kelly and Kristen:

Sleep Number Bed

Suction Grip Hose Holder

Shower Wall Cling 

MobilityWorks does not sponsor or endorse any products mentioned in this article. 

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