Tips for Creating a Wheelchair Accessible Garden

Man in a wheelchair working at an enabling garden table

Outdoor gardening can do wonders for both your body and mind. It engages your muscles, relieves stress, and can even boost your mood! With a few modifications and clever tools, you can create your own wheelchair accessible garden and flex your green thumb.

Raised Beds & Planters

Raised beds or planters will keep your plants within easy reach without requiring excess bending or stretching. The fun part about creating an accessible garden is that you can design just about every part of it to your liking! You can start small by placing a few pots on a tabletop or elevated surface that is the right height for you, or purchasing tall pots online or from your nearby home improvement store.

Or go big by creating a network of raised beds, as shown on JerryRigEverything’s YouTube channel:

Accessible Pathway

If the terrain in your garden tends to be soft or difficult to travel over, consider putting in a pathway made of pavers or concrete. By creating your own path, you can be sure that you will have plenty of room not only to get into your garden, but also to maneuver around or back-up. These paths should ideally be level, several feet wide, and have raised edges to keep someone from traveling off the edge unexpectedly.


Lugging around a hose and watering a garden by hand can be exhausting in itself. Incorporating an irrigation system from some strategically placed soaker hoses can make watering a simple chore while cutting down on water waste!

Watch the video below from The Home Depot to learn more about using soaker hoses to keep your plants watered:


A sprinkler system can also help keep your plants hydrated. It is even possible to set a schedule for your sprinklers, meaning you never have to think twice about whether you remembered to water your garden.

Adaptive Gardening Tools

Gardening tools that can extend your reach make it possible to reduce stretching and straining while caring for your plants. Companies like Corona Tools offer adjustable rakes and hoes with cushioned grips for optimal comfort.

Rake and cultivator from Corona Tools
Courtesy: Corona Tools

Try an Indoor Garden

If you do not have a yard to garden in, that does not mean you have to miss out on the fun! Herbs can flourish even when kept indoors. With a deep enough pot, you can also grow certain types of carrots and lettuce. Keeping your garden indoors, or on a small balcony, will spare you the trouble of keeping up with a whole yard while still giving you the chance to grow your own food.

Ready to get growing? Here’s some inspiration from Pinterest to help you get started:

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