Transporting Luggage Just Became Easier for Independent Travelers

person in wheelchair with luggage next to them looking out the window at a plane

Summer is here, and whether you are traveling for business or on vacation, there are many challenges that are faced as a wheelchair user. One of those challenges may be navigating through the airport with luggage and other carry-on bags. Getting your baggage to and from the drop-off to the terminals can be a task. To make the commute a little easier, check out The Phoenix Instinct, lightweight luggage for independent travelers.

The Phoenix Instinct luggage (currently being shipped from the UK) was designed by a wheelchair user who was tired of transporting heavy equipment for his job and understood the needs of someone in a chair. The luggage is designed with Omni-directional wheels and a custom designed hitch that allows the user to click the bag on to the back of the chair. The combination of wheels and hitch keep it aligned whether going up or down curbs, bumps, in reverse, etc. The best part is that it has less resistance and easier pushing.

USA Wheelchair Van Rentals

When you arrive at your destination and need to figure out transportation during your stay, it’s important to plan ahead when reserving a wheelchair van rental. MobilityWorks makes it as effortless as possible with your satisfaction in mind. Our team is ready to help you find the right fit for your needs.

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