MobilityWorks of Atlanta Becomes Donation Site for Friends of Disabled Adults and Children

Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC) is a non-profit organization providing over $10 million annually in refurbished home medical equipment and supplies to the disabled community. They recently announced a partnership with local beverage distributor Eagle Rock Distributing Company to utilize Eagle Rock’s delivery trucks to pick up and deliver donated items.

Donated equipment is a key part of the FODAC program to help improve the quality of life for thousands of individuals. FODAC is a statewide and national provider of home health care equipment — mobility aids and daily living devices for people with disabilities and the newly injured. The donations include wheelchairs, walkers and other used home medical equipment that people need to be mobile and independent.

“The opportunity to utilize our location in helping FODAC is great,” said David Guillory, General Manager at the MobilityWorks of Atlanta store. “Having wheelchairs and other used medical equipment being dropped off here helps the community and brings more awareness to accessibility issues. We’re happy to be helping their mission.”

Atlanta Georgia MobilityWorks is a drop off location for FODAC
Workers load home medical equipment donations destined for FODAC and those in need of mobility equipment. Photo courtesy of Lizbeth Dison.

Eagle Rock drivers working the route between the company’s Dalton office and the Stone Mountain office will stop at MobilityWorks (located in Marietta, GA) and pick up donations to deliver to FODAC’s warehouse in Stone Mountain. Their truck routes cover the entire Atlanta metro area and will often have partial loads.

“We are pleased to partner with Eagle Rock to support the companies, like Mobility Works, who have offered to be donation sites for used HME,” stated Chris Brand, president of FODAC. “We hope that the success of this program will inspire other companies to offer their truck routes so that we can extend the reach of our donation sites.”

Editor’s note: This story originated from the Stone Mountain-Lithonia Patch, written by Lizbeth Dison. Used with permission.

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