Are You Looking to Trade or Sell Your Wheelchair Van?

Used Conversion Vans and Non-Adaptive Autos Can be Used Toward a Down Payment

This is a 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan with a Braun Entervan conversion. The Grand Caravan is our most popular minivan.

We often get phone calls or e-mails asking if we take trade-ins — or if we’re interested in purchasing a used accessible van. In some cases, the trade-in vehicle is a non-adaptive regular automobile, van, SUV  or truck. The answer in all cases is yes. For trade-ins, we can give you a fair market value for your adaptive and non-adaptive vehicle. The trade-in vehicle can be used toward a down payment on any new or used wheelchair van for sale. We do all the paperwork on your trade-in as part of the financing process. All you need is the title.

If you’re looking to trade in your current wheelchair van or looking to sell one that is no longer being used, fill out our online request form here. We can have a representative in your area respond within 24 hours. Live on-site inspections and a test drive by one of our technicians may be required before a final assessment and offer can be made.

What If I don’t Live Near One of Your Locations?

If you live outside of our service area and have a converted van for sale, we have a national buying specialist who handles all of our out-of-area used vehicle purchases. Simply use the same trade-in request form and make sure to provide all of your location details.

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