Ohio Masonic Home Helps Cleveland Family Purchase a New Accessible Van

When George came into MobilityWorks in Akron, OH on a brisk March morning, he had no idea his family was there to take home a new wheelchair accessible van. The enthusiastic nine-year-old was ecstatic to learn that they would be leaving their older Dodge Grand Caravan behind and trading it in for a new one. Over the past year the Glaros family has been raising money to purchase an accessible vehicle and when the Ohio Masonic Home found out about their story, they stepped in to help.

George’s grandpa was part of the Masons for most of his life until he passed away in 2013. The Masons have a long-standing tradition of taking care of members and their families in times of need. When they heard the Glaros’s old Dodge Grand Caravan was in need of several repairs, they reached out to members around the state and informed them of the family’s fundraising efforts. Within a matter of weeks, the Glaros had raised enough money to purchase a new vehicle.

The Ohio Masonic Home has helped make the lives of its residents better for more than a century. They help provide housing and medical services to seniors all over the state. Several members of the organization traveled to Akron for the surprise. They brought George gifts including his favorite Pokemon toys to make the day even more special.

George’s mother Katy worked with Certified Mobility Consultant Cathie Benko to help find the perfect wheelchair accessible van. The most important criteria was it had to be red, which is George’s favorite color.  Later this spring, George and his family are looking forward to taking a trip to Michigan to visit with friends.

Congratulations on the new van, we hope it brings you many years of fun and adventure!