Useful Free Apps for Caregivers and Wheelchair Users

Scientists are closer than ever to curing a multitude of diseases with today’s advancements. Though many cures still need to be discovered, technology has made improvements for living with illnesses. The technology is at your fingertips more than ever before with applications and other devices. Read on to see MobilityWorks’ list of free iOS and Android apps that can improve the lives of people with disabilities. You can download these apps for your iPhone, Android or other device.

ICE Standard with 911. This app can literally save your life. You can put your emergency health information on the lock screen of your phone so EMTs have access and you can easily call 911.

JABtalk. This application is designed to help non-verbal kids and adults communicate.

Physiotherapy Exercises. This app organizes a variety of exercises for  people with spinal cord injuries.

Symple. Have you ever been at your healthcare provider’s office and forgotten what you meant to tell them about your symptoms? Symple tracks your symptoms and is a health diary so you can track issues over the long term. Then, when you visit your doctor, you have your information organized to share.

MobilityWorks App. The free MobilityWorks app features vehicle photos, videos, inventory, rental information, rewards, our blog, upcoming events and more. The app is jam-picked with all the mobility resources you need to get back on the road.

These are just a small selection of the many apps available for caregivers and people with disabilities. There are many more apps ranging from 0 to hundreds of dollars. Take a look around your app store to see what else is available. The power of accessibility is at your fingertips!