‘Different, But On My Terms’

Photo shows Ina adaptive skiing down a slope

Ina has faced challenges all her life, beginning with a polio diagnosis at just 18 months old. Her health issues often left her feeling marginalized, ostracized, and ignored, but her determination from an early age would set the stage for a life full of adventure! “By the time I had my first corrective surgery at …

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6 Items to Regularly Check on your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

MobilityWorks mechanic inspects under hood of vehicle

Whether you schedule an appointment with our service centers or prefer to use our valet service, MobilityWorks technicians are here and ready to keep your vehicle maintained and in good operating condition. We are often asked what the most common items are to check on your vehicle. These include: Lifts and Ramps You should always …

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Preparing for Winter Driving

Car driving on snowy road

With the steady change in color and dropping of the leaves, we are on winter’s door step. Cold weather and snow can quickly make the roads become dangerous. Taking the time to inspect and prepare your vehicle for winter driving will give you peace of mind knowing you are prepared. Here are a few important …

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Wheelchair Maintenance Tips

Just as you would with a car, you should perform regular maintenance on your wheelchair to make sure that you are extending its life and getting the most from your equipment. Whether you are a wheelchair user or a caregiver of someone who uses a wheelchair, here are some tips for regular wheelchair maintenance. These …

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