Preparing for Winter Driving

Car driving on snowy road

With the steady change in color and dropping of the leaves, we are on winter’s door step. Cold weather and snow can quickly make the roads become dangerous. Taking the time to inspect and prepare your vehicle for winter driving will give you peace of mind knowing you are prepared. Here are a few important things to check for before you head out this winter season.

  • Belts and Hoses
    Check your belts and hoses for signs of wear or cracks and have them replaced if needed.
  • Coolant
    Have your antifreeze inspected to ensure there is enough in your vehicle, and that it is the proper mixture of water and coolant.
  • Battery
    During colder temperatures your vehicle requires more battery current to start the engine. Have your battery load tested and a complete charging system test performed. Also make sure to inspect the battery terminals and cables.
  • Wiper Blades
    Most windshield wiper blades will last for 6 -8 months to even a year. It is a good idea to replace them before bad weather hits. While checking or replacing the wiper blades, make sure you have enough wiper fluid as well.
  • Tires
    Have your tires inspected for uneven or improper tread wear, their level of air pressure and potential cracks. You should have a tread depth of 5/32″ for winter driving. Note that cold temperatures can cause your tires to lose pressure at a rate of 1 PSI per 10 degrees. Make sure you have them checked periodically during the winter.
  • Headlights and Brake Lights
    It is important to have all your lights functioning on your vehicle so that you can see the roads and so others can see you.
  • Emergency Kit
    Always be prepared and have an emergency kit in your vehicle. This should include some items such as a blanket, first aid kit, flashlight, shovel, and either some sand or kitty litter for traction.
  • Mobility Equipment
    Take the time to schedule your vehicle in with your mobility service department and have all your mobility equipment and conversions inspected and serviced before the snow is upon us. The tracks and drain holes should be cleaned, all hinges and rollers inspected and lubricated, kneel systems inspected, chains lubed, and ramp and door adjustments inspected.

Taking the time to have your vehicle inspected and prepared for winter driving will help give you peace of mind when the snow flies! Our trained technicians are available to assist you in your preparations and are just a phone call away. Call or visit your nearest location for current service offers, or visit our website to learn about the service options we provide.