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Renting a Wheelchair Van for the Holidays?

MobilityWorks is One of the Largest Renters of Handicap Vans in the United States. Many of Our Vans for Rent Are Booked Weeks Ahead of Time During the Busy Holiday Season.

Wheel chair vans for rent

It’s that time of year when relatives and friends come home or to visit. I you’ve never had a disabled person in your family, then you may not have ever needed to find a wheelchair van that you can rent. The good news is that rental vans are available from many different providers around the country that serve most major cities. The bad news is that holidays are the busiest time of year for renting one, so if you haven’t gotten your reservation in already it may be too late.

If you want to bring someone home from a nursing home (for example), renting an accessible van is often the easiest way to get them out visiting with friends and doing holiday things, like shopping!

If you’re planning on getting a handicap rental van, call today! Don’t delay. If there aren’t any vans available, try to make reservations for the following week. Vans can be rented by the day, week, weekend, or even for an entire month.

The toll-free MobilityWorks rental hotline is 1-877-275-4915.

Scooter and Power Wheelchair Lifts for Vans or SUVs Come in Many Different Styles.

Scooter and Power Wheelchair Lifts for Vans or SUVs Come in Many Different Styles. Careful Consideration Needs to Be Taken When Selecting a Model for Your Particular Type of Scooter and Vehicle.

Bruno Curb-Sider scooter lift. Bruno Out-Sider meridan platform lift
Left: Bruno Curb-Sider scooter lift. Right: Bruno Out-Sider Meridian platform lift.

When it comes to scooter lifts, there’s no one size fits all solution. Your particular scooter or power wheelchair design has as much to do with the selection of which lift you use than the make and model of the minivan or SUV where it’s going to be installed. Scooter lifts can help to store the scooter (or chair) inside the vehicle or outside, depending on its design and your preference. To avoid a very costly mistake, the style you decide to use should be made with particular care and with the advice of a certified mobility consultant. In most cases, a qualified NMEDA QAP dealer can be found near you that should be able to find the right solution.

Weight Capacity is a Major Consideration for Selecting a Scooter Lift Model

Bruno Joey (VSL-4000HW) lifts store scooters or power wheelchairs inside the back of a minivan or SUV.
Bruno Joey (VSL-4000HW) lifts store scooters or power wheelchairs inside the back of a minivan or SUV.

Scooter lifts have several main functions. It’s first is to help with lifting the scooter from the ground and with raising it to desired level for easy storage. The same mechanisms and design is also used to help with lowering it to the ground. It’s other main purpose is to help with securing the scooter in place so that you can safely travel it in the rear of the vehicle. With lifting the scooter, the most important consideration is with the weight capacity for which the lift was designed.

Most major manufacturers cary several different models to handle different ranges. The higher the capacity, the more robust the design and materials used in the manufacturing. One of the most commonly used scooter lifts is a hoist-type lift where you attach a cable to the scooter. The second most common is a ride-on, ride-off type of lift where the scooter sits on a platform. These types of lifts can also have the scooter be stored inside the vehicle, such as a ‘Joey’ Lift by Bruno Independent Living Aids or outside the vehicle such as an ‘Out-Sider’ Meridian Lift’ — also made by by Bruno.

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Measuring Wheelchairs for Interior Maneuverability, Tie-Downs and Other Securement Devices

Measuring Wheelchairs for Interior Maneuverability, Tie-Downs and Other Securement Devices is a Critical First Step When Selecting or Modifying Handicap Vans

Not all wheelchair vans and tie-down systems are the same or will work properly for every type of wheelchair. Door height, ramp width, interior maneuverability, wheelchair lifts, seating positions inside the van and tie-down locations on the floor all need to be considered when ordering or modifying an existing wheelchair van. MobilityWorks certified mobility consultants can explain these considerations to you and the reason why accurate measurements are necessary for planning your adaptive equipment installation.

Key measurement issues to consider when purchasing a mobility van

Key Measurement Issues to Consider When Purchasing a Mobility Van:

Door Height – Will I be able to roll in and out of the van without hitting the top of my head?

Ramp or Lift Width – Is my chair too wide to safely roll up and down van ramp?

Ramp or Wheelchair Lift Capacity – Is my combined chair and body weight within the manufacturer’s capacity specifications?

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MobilityWorks Launches New Search Page

MobilityWorks Launches New Search Page for Finding Wheelchair Vans for Sale by Year, Make and Price Range.

MobilityWorks has released its new Inventory Search tool that allows its web site visitors to find new and used wheelchair vans by Year, Make, Conversion Type and Price Range.

Examples of the custom search would be: 2010 Dodge Wheelchair Vans — or All 2009 Handicap Vans for Sale listed on the site. There are typically 150 to 180 vans listed at any given time according to Guy Hanford, MobilityWorks Director of Marketing. “We usually have more than 200 vans for sale at any given time. With vans being sold and arriving daily, there’s a lot of turn-around that never get on the Internet.” According to the company, it’s best to start a dialogue with one of their Certified Mobility Consultants as soon as possible — even if you’re not ready to buy.

Website visitors can search for vans by a specific price range. An example of this would be: Handicapped Vans $30,000 to $34.999. Six to nine interior and exterior photos are typically shown for each van and can be enlarged in the viewer by selecting the smaller thumbnail image.

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Mobility Conquest Wheelchair Motorcycle

Mobility Conquest Wheelchair Motorcycle Gains National Media Attention and Biker Applause at the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show in Cleveland.

Motorcycle Hauling Minivan Just as Big a Hit with Show Attendees

Cycle World Cleveland IX Center Crowd

Thousands motorcycle enthusiasts visited the Cleveland IX Center this past weekend for the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show. MobilityWorks’ Akron Store featured The Mobility Conquest, their new wheelchair accessible trike designed for paraplegic bikers that want to continue riding. The Conquest was considered by many to be the most unique bike on display at the show. The consumer exhibit debut for the Conquest was met with rousing attendee interest and media attention, including coverage on CNN and the local ABC affiliate, News Channel 5.

Conquest Wheelchair Motorcycles for Paraplegic Riders

A show attendee in a wheelchair tries out The Conquest hand controls.

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