Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church Donates Family a MobilityWorks Van

Vincent Amico checks out his new accessible van purchased at MobilityWorks

A Louisiana man was recently featured on Joel Osteen’s Sunday Service after losing not one, but two homes to natural disasters. Osteen’s Lakewood Church, the East Texas Dream Center, and other donors provided him with an accessible, fully furnished home and a new van purchased at the MobilityWorks store in Houston.

Vincent Amico of Vinton, Louisiana became a jockey in 1974 and was paralyzed in 1978 at the age of 22. Tragedy would strike Vincent again when his home was destroyed in Hurricane Rita. He then moved into a trailer, only for Hurricane Laura to leave it in unlivable condition.

Members of Lakewood Church flocked to Vincent’s home to help him clean up. Further, the East Texas Dream Center helped to purchase an accessible, fully furnished trailer for Vincent and his wife, Tiffany.

But the good news didn’t stop there.

During Lakewood Church’s Sunday Service on October 18, Victoria Osteen revealed that the Amico family would also receive a brand new van, purchased at MobilityWorks:

Certified Mobility Consultant Mike Owens was on site to deliver Vincent’s vehicle and ensure he was comfortable with using his new equipment.

“Now he can go to church every Sunday in Lakewood and get out and have a life again,” Owens said. “When he got to go in it – you know, automatic ramp, not a manual ramp, turning seat, it’s got leather interiors – he was pretty ecstatic.”

“It feels good giving people their independence back. Most people that I’ve come across in our client base are very strong, self-starting type of people,” said MobilityWorks Service Technician Brad Higgins. “So to have an injury or illness, being homebound, having to depend on somebody else…especially for somebody who is really strong-willed, something as simple as a transfer seat and hand controls so they can go to the grocery store on their own – that’s huge.”

Vincent’s new vehicle will make it possible for him to get where he needs to go and ensure that he has the means to “be there.”

“I might take it to Heaven. I’m not leaving it behind,” Vincent said.

Learn more about Vincent’s story by watching the video below, filmed by Osteen’s Lakewood Church:

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