7 Easy and Accessible Halloween Costumes

jack-o-lanterns and a full moon

With Halloween right around the corner, time is running out to get your costume ready. Stores such as Target and Spirit Halloween have recently started selling adaptive Halloween costumes that are very cute and easy to use. However you may prefer to create your own, which can sometimes take hours and require a high level of craftiness. Luckily, even if you don’t have the time or skills to craft an elaborate costume, there are still a lot of options! Here are some ideas of super easy and accessible costumes, most of which can be made from what’s already in your closet.

  1. Mermaid

    There are several options to become a mermaid, depending on how detailed you want to get! For the easiest route, look for blankets or Snuggies shaped as mermaid tails. You’ll get to pick your own color tail and stay warm while Trick-or-Treating! To finish it off you can use nautical decorations such as fishing nets, ropes, fish stuffed animals, and seashells to make your whole chair mermaid themed.
  2. Game Show Contestant
    People usually wear their own clothes to participate in a game show, making this an easy costume to create. All you’ll have to do is find some accessories to make it look like you’re on your favorite show. A few ideas could include:

      • The Price is Right: you’ll just need a yellow price tag sticker with your name written on it. Cut a rectangle out of cardboard and paint either blue, red, green, or yellow, adding a silver boarder. Add on a few number to show what bid you placed! Find a DIY tutorial here.
      • American Idol: Print out their logo with contestant numbers on a white sheet of paper and attach to your shirt. Carry around a golden ticket, which you can find print-out templates of online, to show that you made it through!
      • The Bachelor or Bachelorette: dress up in a fancy dress or suit and carry around a rose or bouquet of roses to offer up to people along the way.
      • Wheel of Fortune: Print out and wear a name tag in the blue oval shape that their contestants wear. For an added detail, cut a “wedge” shape out of cardboard and paint one color it all one color. Put on black number stickers to look like a piece of the wheel.
  3. Bubble Bath

    A lot of little blue and white balloons is all you’ll need to pull off this costume. After they’re blown up, fasten them all over your clothes or place them all around you in your chair. For decoration, grab a loofah, towel, shower cap, rubber duck, or other toys to look like you’re ready for a bath!

  4. Pantone Color Swatch

    Simply dress completely in one color and create the “swatch” to attach to you somewhere. You can search online for the color you’re wearing to find its number code and name. Use a piece of paper with a large square cut out and print the color’s name and numbers printed below the word “Pantone” on the bottom left. Put the swatch anywhere so your clothes show through the cut out portion, it will look just like the real thing!
  5. Hot Air Balloon

    Fit a cardboard box around you and your chair so you can still sit and roll comfortably. Decorate it to look like the basket of a hot air balloon and attach balloons to the back of your chair. You could easily turn this into the house from UP as well, just decorate the box to look like the iconic house!|
  6. Jellyfish

    For this you will need an umbrella, portable strings of lights, bubblewrap, and purple or white ribbons. The fabric will cover the top of the umbrella and drape down the sides to look like tentacles. Strands of lights will help the whole thing to light up so it will look like a jelly fish is floating around at nighttime! Easy step-by-step plans can be found online here and won’t take much time to create.
  7. Raining Cats and Dogs

    This costume will also utilize an umbrella, which you can easily decorate ahead of time. Print and cut out pictures of cats and dogs and attach them hanging from the umbrella. If it could be raining near where you live, you may want to use stuffed animals or laminate the pictures so they withstand the weather.

Whatever you decide to go as for Halloween this year, you’re sure to look great. Please share your costumes with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, we would love to see them!